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Pride as affirmation of yourself as superior

Pride as affirmation of yourself as a superior being the disease of the world


Pride as affirmation of yourself as superior : with this message, my beloved brothers and my beloved sisters, which is dedicated to you, I would like to highlight the origin of the disease that is going through the world of brothers, your pride; pride as affirmation of yourself as a superior being.


Life opens up for everyone in the difficulty, squeezing through that canal, making those pushing movements, not noticing time since it seems endless, and one last strong movement and suddenly there is light, you come out of that tunnel, and first is the air you have to start breathing in, the first cry, through the light that hurts your eyes, the shadows of brothers, and while you feel pain in your entire body, the light of brothers looks at you, scrutinizes you, the similarities, who did you take your features from? This is surely from the father, this must be from the mother, the differentiation begins, which fills the father and the mother with pride, and while you are looking at shadows, you perceive your surroundings as bodies that are distant, or that keep you warm, and what you don’t yet know is that the difference has already been placed upon you; appearance, this is the first contact you have with your life on earth.


Your experience of appearance and separation thus begins, because with your bodies you are able to feel another body as being close or far away from you. Growth begins, and everything you do is being judged by the eyes of the other person who is judging your every behavior, as if it is superior to the level reached by another person. This is what you breathe through your growth, being in the highlight, being better than others, your skills, your success, your affirmation. What you are is always evaluated through the experience of difference and superiority. This places inside you the roots of pride, the idea of superiority over somebody else. This is the disease of the world, because then as you grow up, you make appearance your opportunity to assert yourselves with pride.


And your own self, just like that child, where is it? It feels sacrificed in the expression because it gathers from that experience that only being great has a meaning in your society.


You often feel so much pain, pain at not being able to just be yourselves, value in just being yourselves,  this great pain you all feel, you try to be happy to be in the world just for what you bring to life, the pain that pushes many of you to death, being value in being you just because you exist, just because you seek affection and you give Love in the contact.


But you are the actual journey, you are your freedom, you can conquer it, your value in being a recognition in you, in what you bring every day, every step of this existence. Sometimes you will make mistakes it happens, it does not mean not having value, it’s just a mistake, your value is with being with others, it’s being a unity, it’s disentangling yourselves from this constant judging, it’s appreciating the value in others, it’s appreciating the value in yourselves, it’s feeling this humanity as one identical value that is expressing itself.


The freedom you conquer is freedom from things, from appearance, from judgment, from separation, from false values that the judgment expresses, you transform pride into joy for yourselves, in what you are, in all of your parts, in everything that you express, you are of value to the world.


My sisters, my brothers, I embrace you with my heart, and this will be for a long time, because my hug wants to take away the pain and place life inside you.


Your brother Jesus Christ


Pride as affirmation of yourself as a superior being the disease of the world was the Message dictated 12th December 2011




Pride as affirmation of yourself as a superior being the disease of the world


Pride as affirmation of yourself as superior


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