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Love bonds end up with separation

Love bonds end up with separation how is it possible that so many Love bonds end up with separation


Love bonds end up with separation


My precious and beloved brothers and my precious and beloved sisters, first of all, how are you? This day still has many moments to life, now as we are talking is a moment to reflect on life, on the famous control that you feel is so important to place in life.


Control does not mean placing order in your life, control means making your life predictable, therefore to control means to anticipate the answer, and making a behavior, a reaction, another person’s gesture predictable.


Now is the time for the reaction from the other person, the awaited moment of the other person’s reaction, will this answer confirm or disprove the answer you had expected?


The heart has a relationship with you, your image is in your eyes, in the heart I remember everything you had exchanged with each other, and this is what determines the reaction in that precise moment toward you.


Controlling is difficult, because a heart is not static, it reacts all the time to the emotions it is feeling, and what makes a heart predictable is only the Love that it is being given all the time. A heart that is fulfilled is a heart that loves, every consideration produces affection, every tiniest kind gesture places warmth inside that heart, the attention, the care, they produce Love, this sweet nourished affection produces a predictable answer of Love. Therefore, the real control is to feed people Love.


Every gratitude is only the product of feeding from the Love donated by you to that heart, the bond that is renewed is also filled with the Love donated by you to that heart, the permanence of joy in the heart bonded to your image is also the product of what you donated to that heart.


The situations we often witness where couples separate, of great incomprehension between hearts united by bond, often comes from the idea of control of the couple, without understanding that only Love expresses a bond; every bond bases its foundation upon affection, nothing can make a bond possible other than Love, and every bond is indestructible if the Love is replenished regularly.


And so, while you start to take for granted the answers to behaviors that give you a manifestation of Love, your bond between you is no longer being energized and thus loses its strength and becomes weaker with time, and the idea of control becomes nothing but an illusion.


Today, however, we stopped in this moment among us to resolve the problem that we have been perceiving for a while now: how is it possible that so many bonds that generated from Love eventually end up with separation? The initial premises were healthy, the declarations from both parties were strong, what makes these separations possible?


The answer is what I explained to you: the bond of Love was not constantly being nourished, and the union melted away, with a subsequent separation between the hearts.


What we unfortunately see in life today, my brothers and sisters, contains a message for everyone, for you who are in a couple, and for you who brings the desire of a couple in Love: the heart consists of a constant reaction, each person carries inside their heart a desire to be loved and even though a union is made up of two hearts, the desire is the same; when you look at the other person, you see Love, the truth of their feeling, and once again from the heart you donate Love to this union, which is so precious in front of your eyes.


My Love is for everyone, it’s beautiful to be with you, speaking of situations of the heart as a warning to you about the Love being nourished, this is the priority, the situations pass, but what does remain in the heart is only the Love exchanged.


Your brother Jesus Christ


Love bonds end up with separation how is it possible that so many Love bonds end up with separation was the Message dictated 15th December 2011




Love bonds end up with separation how is it possible that so many Love bonds end up with separation


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