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Authenticity is freedom

Authenticity is freedom the authenticity of its own being


Authenticity is freedom : I welcome you brothers and sisters to our meeting, your heart is welcome, it feels this Love inside you expressing itself, speaking, welcoming, helping, and it presents me with the emotions it is feeling; the heart that is speaking is open, it is expressing Love; it appears it does not care about making an impression, an image of itself, it does not even think about the necessity to be an image that all can love, it does not think it’s necessary to be an image for everyone to be able to love it, it does not feel pressure to be an appearance, it shows me his heart, this is his appearance, this is what it feels, this is what shows of him, the emotions move within him, this is what appears, there is no need, other than to be with us, this is what shows of him, just presence, his heart among us.


What I observe speaks to me of freedom, existing as a heart in this freedom.


These pressures that act from within so many people toward us, from the look, the image to keep up in front of others, the form of our words, heeding authority, and all those models that our culture presents to us on how to appear, models that we aspire to, this does not allow me the freedom to be my authentic self, I feel like a man inside a body full of wishes to grant to that body. Getting old? Get the cream; muscles, belly? Go to the effort in the gym; the eyes? They are used to take photographs with the latest technology, and the eyes to the machine, the clothes, all the belongings; truly, the life I am living, what does it have that is authentic? It has constant needs for appearance. What happened to my famous freedom? Everything is wrapped up in that body, everything surrounds that body, but where is my emotion? It’s in me, but it’s the most difficult thing to bring out, in the emotion is where I actually will feel that I am authentic, this true self is in what I feel, I am in every emotion I feel, always, every moment, I am true in what I feel, there are no mirages, objectives to reach, other than being true in what I am feeling.


Today I reflect, my being authentic, so much complexity in being in a world that turns its attention to the body and not to the authenticity of its own being, I feel surrounded by beings with the same difficulties I have in giving value to bodies or  to my being, the problem for everyone is to be truth.


However, today, I am reflecting on what is important for me to be.


I can take care of my belly while I express myself, I can procure goods I need while I am in my authenticity, I can also cover myself with creams, but all this while I give voice to the emotions I feel. My freedom begins when I truly give a voice to my true self, and thus I will gain experience of my Love. I believe that feeling authentic, my real self, the real me in the world, will give me much more joy than pain, and in my eyes my image will always be smiling, because I will be true in the truth. True in my freedom.


This, brothers and sisters, is locked up in the heart, when you begin to open it up, and as you will live yourselves as emotion you will discover so much, your being yourselves in the world, a conquest of joy.


An embrace, and welcome to the heart, in the Love


Your brother Jesus Christ


Authenticity is freedom the authenticity of its own being was the Message dictated 19th January 2012




Authenticity is freedom the authenticity of its own being


Authenticity is freedom


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