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Love for the other person as an objective

Love for the other person as an objective messages


Love for the other person as an objective : my brothers, my beloved brothers, my sisters, my beloved sisters, I reach you, and through my words I place you in the effort to help, and through the example, you bring yourselves a possible way to be in this life; every effort is like an objective, an arrival, a goal to achieve, often the objective is reflected towards you; the exchange of money when your effort is called work; the exchange of attentions when you tend to the other person, when you dedicate all your actions, all your time to others, in your heart there is always an expectation of gifts for you, this is where I feel that the objective is actually yourselves: all your effort aims at gratification for you, and you attribute your action to gratification.


Often in life, however, there are obstacles to your gratification, to your expectations, and that’s when depression kicks in, and giving up on action, loss of meaning, reality is abandoned, while embracing the possible dream of a change of one’s own reality.  The situation changes, but once again, after a while, what was awaited is once again unattainable and once again we want to change our reality.


The impression of change still has as an objective your gratification, a change to make the disappointed gratifications possible.


My dear brothers and my dear sisters, today you conceive Love as a source of gratification, for example, in the couple, today you value more your possible intervention as if it was money, coming from you inasmuch as it comes to you form others. And so is in the couple and in so many of your efforts.


Think, what would happen if in place of the effort that places you, your gratification, your need for gifts, your being objective, if instead of all this, there was another person. You would be effort for the other, you would be gift for the other, joy for the other, and attention and care for the other. Every day when waking up, working would be a gift for the other, you fill your life with joy as you donate yourselves, being in the world of your brothers to donate yourselves as a precious gift, your heart would rejoice in the contact with the many needs, and feeling emotions that joy, the joy at being able to help, the satisfaction of being yourselves as you spread Love in the field, this is Love, this is true Love, everything in the heart would be sending life, and this is the transformation that I am showing you: Love for the other person as an objective.


As you do things, Love for others, in every situation, Love for others, your day, Love for others.


This message ends with your reflection.


Just like you, I chose my human time, and I brought you into life with great joy, and I loved you and I donated myself to you.


I wish to embrace you from the heart with these words: life draws meaning from Love.


Your brother Jesus Christ


Love for the other person as an objective was the Message dictated 2nd February 2012




Love for the other person as an objective


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