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Message for Saint Valentine day the day of Love

Message for Saint Valentine day the day of Love words and wish


Message for Saint Valentine day the day of Love : my precious brothers and my precious sisters, here I am among you in this day that precedes the day of Love, Valentine day, many couples will celebrate tomorrow, they will celebrate their happy encounter, their being a couple, the moments of Love that were already exchanged and with their eyes looking at the future, at the moments, the possibilities, that will await them one day; this is Love, always looking at the possibilities.


Just like everybody, you went through uncertainties, and went  through many moments of anguish, just like everyone you lived your lives while you had problems, but the union formed the chord in life to which you always clung on to; being united, united as hearts, that was your strength, like two stars walking together, this has been your life, and now sweetly, as you put your hand in the other’s hand, this communicates to all of us how strong is the feeling that can be in life.


The love you carry inside you also speaks to us of what you are, two hearts that are always taking care of each other, donating themselves, giving happiness, and for that little time that they have been far away, that feeling in your heart has always vibrated. Today I look at you and I smile, and I place my wish in you, in your hearts.


The Love that continues on and shines on to other hearts because it’s always Love that is expression, even if among you someone is still seeking Love, this opportunity, your couple for you to live fully.


“In the meantime communicate your joy, joy towards the world” – your beautiful words – “don’t be limited, don’t shut your heart, love every person you meet in your journey, turn your attention to the creatures you meet, accompany them, and be of solidarity to the brothers that engage your heart, may the smile come from you at all times, and be grateful to this world that continues to give you opportunities to Love, the day when finally Love will be right in front of you, you will have already learned from your live just how precious it is to donate yourself, and it will be such a joy to proceed from that moment on, with the heart even more in love with life, and if from your eyes tears will ever come, you will also have in your look the eyes of Love upon you, the eyes of your Love.”


Sometimes the moments of life bring us to lower our gaze, our eyes upon our problems, the effort to get out of them, you don’t look, you feel alone, fear and anguish fill your days,  it’s a sad heart that does not find in front of it the answer to his Love, and there are many among you who lower your gaze, and so I extend an invitation to you: a time, a promise to be unity, a strength to be in the path, a strength to live together, facing all problems as two people, they are no longer only your problems, they are shared,  overcoming your problems through your union will be even sweeter, and now raise your eyes, and communicate Love to the other, for you it’s Saint Valentine if you raise your eyes and go toward your Love like the star that you are.


I embrace you and surround you with my Love


Your brother Jesus Christ


Message for Saint Valentine day the day of Love words and wish was the Message dictated 13th February 2012




Message for Saint Valentine day the day of Love words and wish


Message for Saint Valentine day


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