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What is life the concept

What is live the concept of past life and time in the experience


What is live the concept : today, my beloved brothers and my beloved sisters, we would like to clarify to you the concept of past life; maybe, for many of you, time is what defines what is considered to be past, the time past is the memory, everything that ended, everything that is no longer part of the present is classified as past.


For us, since we see existence as a continuum, this detachment is just appearance, every moment lives in you, every contact that was, every experience that was matured during the course of your life, everything that was alive in you. Being you in this moment is all in the present time. Here is how a new experience finds you: a Being that expresses the entire experience.


Inside your new experience you will once again welcome experience from that moment, and in this continuity you will enrich yourselves. In this concept  it’s not time that enriches you, but what a Soul encounters during his experiences. This reminds you that life lies in the experience, not in the time. The time for everything in the life is the time in the experience.


Brothers and sisters, the time for you is in this moment, you are maturing experience right now, an experience that comes through the moment, now the experience is inside you as you mature it, now you are experimenting yourselves, you are in the experience of yourselves in this very moment,  the stimulus is our words, experience of yourselves during the contact with us. You will harvest what has been happening inside you and bring the moment that enriched you into the new moment that is opening up, into the moment in continuity of your Being.


Our conception of what is life brings us to underline every single situation we enter into contact, everything, in being present in full attention, it’s important,  it’s Being in the life, evaluating, feeling, maturing experience, it’s a moment of growth, it’s a moment in which I am dedicating myself to growing.


It’s a precious moment when we, as we understand, make ourselves active Beings in that moment and in other moments, to harvest  from the experience our Us needs in order to be deployed, in the field of experience, in the field of our growth, in the field of all of our Being.


Here I am now to you through my arms, I embrace you with all of my heart.


Your brother Jesus Christ


What is live the concept of past life and time in the experience was the Message dictated 05th March 2012




What is live the concept of past life and time in the experience


What is live the concept


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