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The project of the heart meaning

The project of the heart meaning of the project of the heart


The project of the heart meaning


My precious and loved brothers and my precious and loved sisters, I come once again and once again my Love is being deployed, my being with you means placing all myself in the situation that is developing in this exact moment among us. Now. In this precise moment I am. I listen to what is happening in this precise moment.


So many voices from the heart asking me questions, requests, help for certain situations, it’s truly a chorus of voices what I am hearing, I continue to listen to a voice that seems to be the strongest coming from my brothers: why, as we go through life, do we realize the project of the heart? Could we not do it from the Sky, or in any other situation with complete perception of the reality of us as a Soul?


A precious question that questions the meaning of the project of the heart: why is the act of not remembering the project that you carry in the heart, so precious for its meaning?


Forgetting makes you completely free to Be, being bodies without perception of reality makes you free to Be, these limitations in your perception make you free to Be.


Only you, and only your Being.


When you go through your existence on earth, your Being is the one making the journey, in every moment of experience it’s your Being that is experimenting, in the contact with your brothers, you as a Being enter into contact with yourselves, and everything you experiment in the contact is experimenting contact with your Being. Emotions, you feel so much, everything is inside you, your Being lies in you experimenting.


In all events, in every moment where you are involved you are experimenting yourselves, your Being. In situations of life what is being experimented is your Being. Life means experimenting in your own Being. This is the reason, your reason why, your project is not aware of the heart, the project of the heart is always realized, the project is to experiment yourselves  in what you truly are, in all of the opportunities that life will put in front of you.


If your eyes could perceive the Soul, your experimenting would be influenced by this, if you were with us at all times your experimenting would be affected by it, if you knew all of the reasons for events, then your experimenting would be affected by it, if your project was understood in full awareness, your experimenting would be affected by it.


In the full freedom that earth offers you, the project of the heart is conducted through your experimentation. Every time you are in the moment, you are experimenting yourselves in what you are, the help you bring, how much love you bring, the effort for the needs of others, through your brothers you really experiment yourselves as you are, as Beings. In the life you are going through, being Yourselves is a constant experiment, there are no other places with so much freedom like on earth, I repeat, there is no place more useful for you to experiment yourselves as what you are.


My effort returns into silence, so that your freedom can return to express itself.


I wrap a warm embrace around you. The Father is always with you


Your brother Jesus Christ


The project of the heart meaning of the project of the heart was the Message dictated 01st March 2012




The project of the heart meaning of the project of the heart


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