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The meaning of pain

The meaning of pain messages of Jesus Christ on life


The meaning of pain : my beloved brothers and my beloved sisters, I come to your help with my words, and with my hearts that loves you, and as a brother, I come among you and as I listen to you  I give voice to the emotions you experience in this precise moment toward us, toward our reality; I feel many hearts as being disappointed because they carry inside their heart an incomprehensible pain for the death of their loved ones, prayers, they have been praying for a long time, prayers for healing, requests to a Saint to intervene, some time passes by, and then the place where they cry is on a grave.


For others, the disappointment is because our intervention did not arrive to create obstacles to the course of events for those who were taken away much too soon in their lives on earth, due to diseases, a car accident, and other things. As always an obstacle to many situations, you ask yourselves, about our lack of intervention when death takes place due to the violence inflicted by others upon the body of your loved ones, why is violence not banned from those bodies? You ask in your mind, and in your hearts.


The feeling in the heart is of intense disappointment, which brings some of you to abandon your research of us as a reality.


For many, this disappointment allows their rage toward us to be channeled through judgment - what kind of Love would allow such things to happen, and to cause such pain? These are your words, brothers, this is what you express from the heart in pain, toward all of us, to you we are a reality, but a reality that takes pleasure form the pain suffered by all of you.


My precious brothers and my precious sisters, our effort that we carry forward, like today, through our words, is an effort to help you, it’s an effort to reflect on the condition of being incarnated on earth, it’s our effort to ensure you do not feel completely alone between the material world and other brothers who, like you, are growing on earth, in your same experience.


Autonomy, freedom, complete freedom to determine oneself, autonomy of choice, this famous project you bring to fulfill, your freedom to give others from your heart, or from non Love; the interest for life rests upon you, the reasons from the past, reasons you carry in your heart,  the reasons for the choice of life on earth are inside each one of you, and it’s you who determines these reasons, and the specific journey takes place within your autonomy and freedom bestowed on you. What I said, what I am explaining, determine the reasons for the events that you will encounter, many of them are painful, but again it’s your choice, not that you would deliberately chose meaningless pain, in fact it’s exactly the opposite, you chose an experience of pain as an event that, once overcome, leads to certain growth as a heart, as Love.


What I am explaining does not mitigate your pain, but rather places the choice of a Soul, a Soul you love so much, exactly in first place, for a heart that has great value the event that was just lived, because it caused growth; there are many hearts that leave other hearts on earth in pain, but this pain has also importance. When you will meet again one day, when you will embrace, everything will return to being clear in the awareness, when all the reasons will be evident, those will be your growth, your evolutions will be important to you, even if they were matured within pain. And your joy will be with us, in your freedom you will continue your journey, next to all of us in the Sky.


With all of our Love, throw yourselves toward us, to make possible what your heart has asked as help from the Sky.


In pain, in joy, this comes to us in this precise moment when you are incarnated on earth: what your heart tells us, to fulfill the important project in humanity.


Today with all of you, your Father and your brother Jesus, together to talk to you. You are in my heart, my beloved children, always.


The meaning of pain messages of Jesus Christ on life was the Message dictated 27th February 2012




The meaning of pain messages of Jesus Christ on life


The meaning of pain


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