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The law of Love messages

The law of Love messages and words dictated from the Sky


The law of Love messages : precious brothers and precious sisters, I come with all of my Love to hug you, I come with all of my Love to be with you, my beloved creatures, today you look toward the Sky, asking for our presence; our words reach you, words that express our Love for all of you; our appearing to you through a message, words for you, dedicated to you, it reminds all of you of your reality, you and us in constant contact, a voice of Love that is donated from our heart to yours, to gain precious experience for your heart from your existence.


Life is experience of you, everything you do, everything you will do, moment after moment, you will move through life, you will choose to be in your life, from the heart you will be making available, it will be experience of your Being on earth and what is important will be your evaluation on the day when you will be with us.


That day, our words will be for you, over the many moments of your experience “How much did you love? How much help did you give your brothers? Who did you take care of? Did you always respect the law of Love? While among your brothers, did you notice their needs, and did you act from your heart? “ and you are currently building the answer to those questions, right now, also with the help of our words, reminding you all the time that you are on earth not to breathe, not to accumulate wealth or enjoy material things, the experience you are making has at its center the heart, what you are carrying in your life is your heart, the precious thing you have in life is your capacity to give your Love in your life, moment after moment, giving Love is at the center of the experience.


This is your life, my brothers and sisters: the experience of you in your capacity to love.


This will be your memory when you will be with me, this is the argument about which we will be talking together, you and us, this will determine your evaluation of yourselves.


My loved ones, words remember, words illuminate the path, words are like a light house to your actions, words remind you that Love is all for the Soul, words pronounced are sweet, because Love allows you to be among yourselves, and we remind you that the effort on earth is about Love.


I see that the sun is rising inside your hearts, Love always Love, love, donate your treasure to others, gain experience of Love through you being Love, and that day it will be joy in you.


I embrace you and remind you of my Love, with you, I accompany you.


From the heart, your brother Jesus Christ


The law of Love messages and words dictated from the Sky was the Message dictated 23 February 2012




The law of Love messages and words dictated from the Sky


The law of Love messages


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