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Your nature as a Spirit

Your nature as a Spirit as a guest of a body that has material perceptions


Your nature as a Spirit : my beloved brothers and my beloved sisters, through this message I invite you to try the experience of being brothers among all of you; when your experience started, on the day of your birth, even very far away from your room to life, there were other hearts beating; what you were feeling during the passage from obscurity to the entrance into the physical world was the passage from the awareness of those who know all about our world, to the effort of discovering through one’s self in a world that limits temporarily the perception of your nature as a Spirit, as a guest of a body that has material perceptions.


You all found yourselves in the exact same situation, in a body that perceives through material senses, but with a project that has spiritual needs that need to be fulfilled.


Through your body you started to experiment conditions of need, and of help given to that body, which reawakened the Love inside you toward those who helped you, in front of your eyes there appeared a face that made pain go away in that moment, the help given to you reawakened the Love, Love lit up Love, Love was the very first message that each one of you encountered when you faced your life on earth. Everyone on earth firstly encountered the experience of Love, which reawakened the emotion in the heart. For everyone thus the experience of Love started, through help; just like you, everyone has passed from the experience of Love through help.


Over time, all of the help donated was an experience of Love for you, and it created the experience that accompanies you. Just like with you, this time has been an experience for all of you, through the experiences of Love.


Today through the experiences of love you are experimenting yourselves, this heart that feels, these emotions that move spontaneously in you, they announce the immateriality of the heart; the emotion is immaterial, the sensation is immaterial, the movement of Love that manifests within you and what you are experimenting is also immaterial.


So many times the movement of the heart establishes the direction forward, the heart leads you to meet, to make a contact, to establish ties, to live yourselves as Love through meeting one another; this is not only for you but also for every other heart like you in your experience on earth.


The Love you are experiencing today is the ultimate element of your own being on earth, because it’s exactly through your feelings that you experience with every moment of your life, you look and you feel, you listen and you feel,  your sense of taste creates feelings, your sense of tact creates feelings, as well as your sense of smell.


This experience of constant contact with your feelings is the experimentation of you in a lack of materialism, it’s experimentation of you as a being, experimentation of you as a spiritual component, leveraging a body that feels in the material world. As it is for you, so it is for everyone else, brothers in the experience.


I say goodbye to you as I embrace you,  I feel love for you in my heart, the Love I am feeling is for you, brothers in the Love


Your brother Jesus Christ for you forever.


Your nature as a Spirit as a guest of a body that has material perceptions was the Message dictated 26th March 2012




Your nature as a Spirit as a guest of a body that has material perceptions


Your nature as a Spirit


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