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Paradise hell purgatory

Paradise hell purgatory the words of Jesus Christ about the judgment


Paradise hell purgatory : hello to all of you my brothers and my sisters, hello to all of you, may my words of well wishes reach you, may the feeling I have inside me reach your heart, it’s a joy to wish you a good day; with you, today, in this moment, let’s build our day, now we are here talking, at the end of this moment our hearts will be so close in the unity that the rest of you will see us united in the continuation.


Aware, I would like to make you all aware of your constant question about the existence of hell, of Paradise, and of what you call purgatory.


You have many questions linked to this separation, you have in front of your eyes images that separate one place from the other, no continuity there, just separation, you are either in one place, or in the other; to you, according to your images, these separations are proportionate to the punishment given by the judgment on your deeds during your life on earth.


The judgment is what places you, according to your images of the son of the Father, into what you see as Paradise or hell, or maybe in a situation you call purgatory. The most important thing you think about is that this famous judgment is given by the Father as an eternal judgment, forever. Even for just one single experience on earth, the judgment is supposedly forever. A soul should pay for a mistake it has made, based on the punishment passed on as a result of the judgment.


You just need to look at these images concentrated in the words that I just expressed to you, to ask yourselves: what is this, Love, or vengeance?  Vengeance, and the place is hell; if the judgment says purgatory, is this Love or humiliation for you? ; paradise is the place where our Father shines, and therefore, a child is allowed to be in the presence of Love, and therefore, is this Love, one should ask, or is this adulation?


In any case, on the day of the judgment, you imagine the Father as pleased, or offended, or humiliated, in His judgment He will give you the appropriate placement. From your eyes you think of the Father as He who possesses everything, in your eyes he has full power and even cruelty toward one of his own children when he has made a mistake, a Father that displays vanity and pride.


In front of my eyes I see Love, I see anguish, the pain for every child who is making mistakes, I see his heart wince and speak of his effort to help you, I see his hands caressing you with Love, collecting your needs and opening up his heart to try to help you, so you don’t feel alone but to feel always at his side, this humanity that seeks  confirmation of Him sends manifestations, this is the Love of the Father for this humanity, for his children busy on earth, in a place so far away from His presence, from the joy that we all breathe, from the enormous sweetness we all enjoy, from the absence of any worry that we enjoy among us, well, this is the same Father who welcomes a child when he leaves earth, if you could see the Love whenever He welcomes a child, first of all He welcomes a son with Love, and the life is reviewed together, and Love will understand all that had happened: of course, many Souls feel unhappy for the mistakes they made, and often they create situations to atone, to humiliate themselves, as they review the light, for their own behaviors, but there is always Love available, and whenever a Soul feels ready, it then reunites with us in the joy.


Think, my brothers and my sisters, what I am dictating to you is also what I am living with my very own eyes, this is the Father of us, his children, the Father who is called Love, and only Love can emanate from Him.


He is right next to you with Love for you, remember this on this day: Love is always next to you, Love that accompanies you on your journey, may you be happiness to have Him at your side.


And here comes my goodbye, I wish you a wonderful day


Your brother Jesus Christ


Paradise hell purgatory the words of Jesus Christ about the judgment was the Message dictated 29th March 2012




Paradise hell purgatory the words of Jesus Christ about the judgment


Paradise hell purgatory


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