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Jesus Christ resurrection to life

Jesus Christ resurrection to life messages for Easter


Jesus Christ resurrection to life : my beloved brothers and my beloved sisters, I resurrected to life, in the image of the body I left behind among you, and through that body I have once been, today in me light is shining, I feel so much Love in this instant, I feel I am being surrounded by Love, I feel as a unity in the Spirit, a unity with our Father and a unity with all of you, in the Spirit you feel unity, in the Spirit you feel everyone as a part of you, and everyone as an essential part of you, this is the emotion I am feeling as I am being in the Spirit; I feel unity, unity with all of the things created and unity with all creatures; I feel myself as a unity with the creation, a part of the all, and part of the all in me.


The all finds expression in me, I am every leaf, every bud, a cat, a mouse, a bird, I am that mountain, I am that stream, I feel as if every element of nature is part of me, and I feel every human creature, without distinction, a part of me, every human being is part of me, the perception that everything is in me is important, it’s like an endless message of every part that expresses itself in me, and everything together determines one unique message: now; time is constant, now, it’s the time of the hour, now, in this moment, my perception: the time in the instant, life expresses itself now; the old time is a memory, now there is only now.


In our humanity, when time was defined by days, by night, by the time for work, the passing of seasons, years, but in the infinite there is only now, everything exists in the now. Now is everything in its expression. Expression in me. Expression in me of every part, in this moment. I feel every instant as an expression inside me of every single behavior, of every thing that happens in the world that you determine in your constant action, every form of thought with which you determine all your actions, as I feel every emotion that gives shape to thought, everything finds expression and expresses in the moment, a message on the Love that is present in the moment.


My wishes reach you in this moment, to this humanity that suffers and that cries, that sees injustice and that sees in honesty a value that is being trodden on and sees in Love a value almost always negated, I say to you brothers, you are negating justice, you negate values, it’s always you that negates Love, today on earth, it can be value, it can be just, it can be Love, it’s an endless effort, it’s being a heart that beats inside.


Your brother Jesus Christ


Jesus Christ resurrection to life messages for Easter was the Message dictated 5th April 2012




Jesus Christ resurrection to life messages for Easter


Jesus Christ resurrection to life


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