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The voice of Love

The voice of Love message from the Father to his children


The voice of Love : I have come to speak to you, after such a long time, and I come with my heart to my Sara Luce, who listens to my words, and makes my words, my voice, my every thought, my every consideration available to you, so that this project of help can travel the world, bringing you the voice of Love.


And how could my voice reach you without the help of children like you? Help to the Father, to be still present among you as children, like He is in the Sky.


As a child, you have full freedom to receive help, freedom to listen to me, to place the meaning of these words into your life, or to understand that the purpose is not wrong, but that you want to proceed on your journey without the help that was offered to you, this is your freedom. You keep going on your journey in your full freedom, I will always be there my child, regardless.


But if you welcome my help into this humanity, I will make you see through the eyes of your Soul, those big eyes that understand the world as a moment of experience that has in front of its eyes the product of brothers who were left in their own full freedom to be hearts. You will see many hearts listening to their own Love, and who will be surrounded by hearts, to whom they will speak, give their presence, hearts that will be closed, and who will damage other hearts involved, additionally you will notice that this humanity is an expression of the hearts that it listens, or shuns away its own affection, determining the building of the world that welcomes you as well, and just like history sometimes repeats itself, it always has some hearts that define it. I said that they define it, I did not say that it is already defined, it is defined by those hearts that are on earth in that moment.


This precise moment is determined by the sum of all of your hearts.


Do you notice how precious is every brother, every sister, who is going through their own experience on earth, just like you?


I understand that my help may lead you to view this humanity as hearts, even when others are strangers to you, this is how you were taught, however, listen to me: whenever you feel your heart, isn’t’ that the actual emotion that you are really feeling? Isn’t’ it an emotion that you are exchanging with those people with you there? Emotions make everyone equal, emotions are the expression of the heart, every heart communicates itself in the emotion, and so this humanity around you is always made of hearts.


When there are problems, it’s a heart that has a problem, this humanity that exists has the problem in its heart, and this goes through your heart, and involves you in the same problem, and activates your heart in the same moment; will you listen to your Love, or will you hide away by delegating to others?


Sara Luce took on the responsibility of bringing you my words, but you determine your attitude in this humanity, a drop that is precious to me, because every child for me is a precious drop, and I love you from the heart, and I want life to be a precious moment for you to feel as a heart, a heart that listens to Love, a heart that fills its world with Love. Remember, I am the first one to have loved you.


Your Father embraces you


The voice of Love message from the Father to his children was the Message dictated 26th April 2012




The voice of Love message from the Father to his children


The voice of Love


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