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Feeling life again

Feeling life again it’s an experience that changes you


Feeling life again : many reasons brought you to the moment where you gave me your goodbye, an embrace among us, and you descended to your life on earth; in this goodbye, so full of hope, a sweet moment in the memory, you wanted to be forever united among you, united in the heart with all of the brothers you were about to meet, united in the difficulties that you would have certainly encountered on earth, united exactly in the heart with every other brother, with every sister, through the phases that the world is going through, united among you in the heart.


Then, life on earth, time passed and you grew, the smallest experience told you about the world that surrounded you, and thus walking you have matured into what you are today.


Experience that saw you through school, making contact with the hearts in your family, contact with the hearts of your friends, acquaintances, this humanity; experience that also matured upon you being as an example of the many hearts that you have been meeting: to be like us, as you live in the world, you take example from what I am transferring to you, if you imitate me in the world, if you will be a copy of me in the world, you will also be able to achieve anything I achieved.


Much of the value that surrounded you was hidden in materialism, the money, what you could buy, the latest fashion, houses and furniture, for all this time, you ended up being a unity, but a unity with materialism, this heart, feels unity, feels pleasure, but only within materialism.


Where is the heart? You lost touch with it.


Where is this child? You lost touch with it


The house, the television, the long hours spent working, and the needs you feel as dictated by the television and all around it, but this is not Love, it’s once again material things. And time passes by, life passes by, but without you noticing that life is dead in the chest. Even the marriage, children, they are experiences with objects, every necessity is reduced to financial needs, sometimes to status, sometimes it underlines differences, and this is the example for your child: do as I do in your life, imitate me, be a copy of me, and whatever I am making available to you, one day you will be able to make it available in your life for your own child. And how much pain will be felt by that child? This is because often he will experiment pain in the heart, whenever things will not give life to the heart, whenever his need of Love will not be answered, whenever he will turn to others and feel a stranger, whenever he will find even the concept of me as a foreign  idea.


Today I turn to your hearts, who on the other hand are being an example of hearts, an example of your affection that is alive and kicking, of you who are example of life from the heart, who always deploys your heart when in contact with others around you, you, who sees your heart shine in the moments of joy, and suffer when things don’t go well, you who tends to your own feelings and their emotions, you who has as your objective to be surrounded by Love and joy, I ask you to help, by making yourselves an example of the great treasure you are carrying to my other children who even forgot that they have a heart who is in contact with me, and a value that is much more important than anything material: Love.


You understand this great pain, and you approach these hearts by hugging them in the unity with your heart, and through the unity you place them again in contact with their emotion: feeling life again, the life in the heart, it’s an experience that changes you.


Your Father embraces you


Feeling life again it’s an experience that changes you was the Message dictated 30th April 2012




Feeling life again it’s an experience that changes you


Feeling life again


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