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The first value is Love

The first value is Love and Love determines coexistence cohesion progress


The first value is Love : how are you my children? well, the mouth speaking to you is a voice for all my sons, and for all my daughters, the voice of your Father in the Sky, the voice that loves you, the voice that listens to you sweetly in your prayer, that takes on all of your problems and, in its arms sends you comfort, the moment you are going through is so difficult, there is a need to make so many changes for you, because as you renounced your own value, you replaced the heart with all of its materiality available; the world, now in a crisis, has money at its source, for a long time the beginning of money determined your whole world, this is what is collapsing, this principle is bound to fail.


The money that walked all over Love, all of this money that trampled over values, now is the losing one. This drama is right in front of you: money lost its value; look at how many dramatic events unfold around you, and are only the consequence of having placed money before the heart, money first, then heart.


What is re-emerging is the denied value, all of this drama tells you that money actually comes after the heart, the real value is affection, the Love that every man carries inside, you are the heart, and every man and woman on earth is a heart, the first value is Love, and this is what determines coexistence, which determines the coexistence among brothers, determines cohesion, it determines every progress. This is what is emerging among you: placing Love, the value of every creature in the first place, above money.


In this moment that is unfolding, your help to your brothers is to welcome their pain in your arms, understanding and allowing your Love to console their hearts, it’s a delicate moment as you transmit your warmth and take their pain upon yourselves, and placing yourselves next to them, to live in unity the journey awaiting them.


You are value, you are my children, and in the moment you help, you are giving them the possibility to regain their own value, and to finally place their own value at the helm of their own existence.


The real value is not in being rich but in the humanity, in the heart is the true wealth.


I understand that you are all living a moment of strong worry, of great uncertainty, of commitments that take up your entire day, be strong and open in these current times to welcome with Love your brothers in need.


I embrace you with Love


Your Father


The first value is Love and Love determines coexistence cohesion progress was the Message dictated 4th May 2012





The first value is Love and Love determines coexistence cohesion progress


The first value is Love


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