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You are the light of the world

You are the light of the world Message from God the Father


You are the light of the world : my beloved children, once again I come to you my loved ones, you have in the heart a need for a life that is more fair for the human being, the need to be in peace among all of you, the need to understand the needs and to place strength to find solutions that over time can cancel the needs expressed, this is what Love can do in this time, and at any time.


At any given time you have the possibility for change, a possibility for change from the heart, those brothers and sisters that are you, the problems, the needs that they share with you, and that involve you just like if they were your problems, the effort to seek a solution that can solve that state of pain that you feel as if a part of you was aching, it expresses to you as Love and needs of your own Love, a need to feel unity, a feeling that the wellbeing of the other is your wellbeing.


Just like in a human body a sickness in a small part of the body can compromise the state of health and well being of the entire body, in the same identical manner is the birth of a problem, the lingering of a problem, a need that makes itself known, in the body of humanity there is a need for health and direct effort to restore the good, the harmony, in this body of humanity.


And so, my children are looking for solutions, involving other brothers, placing the needs in front of their eyes, the malaise of the body humanity, and being in the activity so that Love may nourish it, and so the solution may come.


The Love that created is source of joy, effort that is creating is a source of joy, even just mobilizing for a project is a source of joy, because it is the voice of Love.


Many brothers and sisters are on the field in these times, your brothers and your sisters listening to the voice of their own Love and making available the results that they achieve to pass the results produced by Love on to you.


In the heart is the meaning of their entire effort: capturing the voice of Love, in the name of Love committing to work, resolving from Love, and affirming  Love in the solution.


My sweet sons and my sweet daughters, you are the light of the world, even if you feel shut down in the moments of difficulty, your heart shines with Love all the way to me, my light, my splendid light, the pride of a Father for a child is in your expression, in difficulty as in joy, you are in the expression of Love. Is today’s outcome struggling to be appreciated? You are in the expression, you need a little more time, but what you carry will be confirmed by Love.


A brief hello to every mother as we approach Mother’s Day, may you make Love truly the center of the education for a child, may you be an example of attention for others, may you be an example of care for the needs of another, may you be an example of honesty, teaching the value that every creature has of the creation itself, teaching respect for nature and love your creature, may you be an example of the Love that beats inside you on earth.


A kiss, my daughters, and lots of little kisses to each one of your children


And now, my sons and daughters, I leave you with the words: Love will always resolve.




Your Father


You are the light of the world Message from God the Father was the Message dictated 10th May 2012




You are the light of the world Message from God the Father


You are the light of the world


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