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Time is there to love

Time is there to love wellbeing in the unity of the heart


Time is there to love : my beloved and sweet sons, my beloved and sweet daughters, let go for a moment of your thoughts, the thought of your commitments, the things you have to do, surrender yourselves for this moment to the heart, and listen to these words.


I would like to be united with you, united like in a big hug, and be able to communicate with all of you, united as hearts. I embrace you sweetly.


With you once upon a time, memories of happiness, Love and joy, in this tranquility where time is there to love, among all those brothers there was nothing but unity, and even if everyone was going their own way, he was not happy until he would meet a brother with the same identical journey, and they would proceed together, well, this is the image of you in my memory, I remember a constant accompanying, for you it was very important to be together, being a unity among you, being hearts that walk in unison, this was the only important thing: being in unity. And so it was in that time: only unity among you.


The memory erased to be conquered in full freedom over the course of your journey on earth, your constant seeking among yourselves is the search for this unity, these moments of happiness that you live happen when you feel this unity, accompanying each other is like proposing again the experience of unity in the heart, what you are leading is a search of you in this unity, a unity in the heart.


Just like in this moment, you, my sons and my daughters, are together embraced in this unity toward me as I embrace you,  words come out, and to you, my daughter who are listening to me, I recommend your brothers, always give your heart in the unity with each one of them, try to lead them all together to be a unity as they meet and they accompany them, as they find out that they are precious for one another, what a beautiful thing, what a treasure, discovering one another, feeling once again unity in the heart, unity among you, wellbeing in the unity of the heart.


I am embracing you my sons and my daughters, so much calm, you feel the serenity, we are in the unity, it’s so sweet to be with you, now the daily grind awaits you, but I am always next to you in this effort, for you, and I will always be next to you in the unity of my heart.


I embrace you with all of my heart


Your Father from the Sky


Time is there to love wellbeing in the unity of the heart was the Message dictated 17th May 2012




Time is there to love wellbeing in the unity of the heart


Time is there to love


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