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Love that is aware

Love that is aware and your Being on earth


Love that is aware : my beloved brothers and my beloved sisters, may my words of Love reach you; the journey we began with these words from the Sky, over the course of time placed you in the position to rediscover us; did you abandon this vision of you on earth as  a matter in contact with materiality, to rediscover yourselves as Being of Love, in the middle of all other brothers, a heart among hearts, experimenting the Love that he has always had inside.


Your Being on earth, through matter, becomes expression of the heart, of your heart that is always choosing to give voice to the Love, aware that is it inside you.


Brothers, sisters, the Love that is aware is inside what you donate every moment toward those who are loved by you, all of the attentions you pay are Love that is aware, all of the effort toward your loved ones is Love that is aware, the support, the help, taking on the problems of your loved one is Love that is aware, and even every word pronounced in the sweetness is Love that is aware. What you think of with Love activates in your heart the Love that is aware.


This is experience of you, of your heart that cares, that takes care of things, that assist the loved one over the course of time. From all of this awareness there is the image of who you are, you are experimenting in your heart, this is the image of what you are.


The eyes upon you: here is the image of what you are.


This body has borders, it contains the immensity, when Love expresses itself the heart is the first to feel expanding, like a giant goes toward the loved one and hugs them with emotion, for the heart it is like joy to feel busy by this great feeling that goes toward the other, for the heart it is joy to feel so full from this great feeling, this feeling as if you Exist, Love produced it, the great voice comes from the heart.


It continues in the moment of expression of Love, and fills the past with your expression of Love.


An expression of Love that fills our today and our tomorrow, expression of your Love that filled the past.


These words are born from a heart that in its life has loved for you, each one of you my sweet and beloved brothers and my sweet and beloved sisters, and my light goes toward you, I exist, I exist for you.


In an embrace, your brother Jesus Christ


Love that is aware and your Being on earth was the Message dictated 04th January 2013




Love that is aware and your Being on earth


Love that is aware


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