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Unity the language of the heart

Unity the language of the heart unity intention of the heart


Unity the language of the heart : I am with you my brothers, I am with you my sisters, and I surround you with my Love, I surround you with my many words, words that I give you to give voice to my Love; in this precise moment what I am sending you is what I am feeling in my heart, saying hello to you is like turning to you, my heart facing your hearts, every word is there to send you what I feel in the heart, you see, everything is always expression of what I feel in my heart.


Even my voice, so calm, is transmitting Love from my heart to your hearts, Love, it wants to be a unity with your heart, listening to you being listened to. First of all Love has one intention inside: unity. Unity in feeling, unity in communicating, unity in the body and in the Spirit, Love always speaks the language of unity.


Now think of us in this moment, words are creating a unity between our hearts, it’s a desire for the heart to feel in this unity of Love.


It starts from a heart, it involves a heart, and the heart that is reached opens up to this unity, as long as the language is of Love.


We shared so many moments, many, it’s like waiting in the memories, the emotion we are feeling, our hearts are feeling unity and my voice turns our unity into a permanence.


My dear brothers, my dear sisters, the memories inside us, your memories of the past, they can highlight your past of feeling unity, or sometimes highlight the difficulties in feeling involved with this unity, and, through your past, what you are experimenting today tells you the real intent of your heart as it lives, as it relates to this unity.


From this time on the meeting between our hearts begins, reaching out to the faces of loved ones, this search for you and your heart in the experience of unity of hearts. Carrying your heart to another heart, the language of Love will create involvement and from the involvement will come experience of unity among hearts, experience of unity that will make it easier to renew the experience of unity in the next moment.


This is the intent of your heart, this is the effort of your Love, Existing in the unity with the other.


With my heart I remain in unity with your heart, a moment that is distant with the words, but is always involved, since forever it is involved in my feeling a unity with all of you brothers and with all of you sisters.


In this embrace your brother Jesus Christ, forever.


Unity the language of the heart unity intention of the heart was the Message dictated 15th January 2013



Unity the language of the heart unity intention of the heart


Unity the language of the heart


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