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Messages of Love of Jesus

Messages of Love of Jesus Christ words of Love for you


Messages of Love of Jesus Christ : Love, sweet Love, my brothers and sisters, I surround you with it, I surround you with my entire body and I carefully surround you because you are precious to me; your mistakes don’t matter, neither does stuff from your past which you are not proud of, millions of thoughts which are the exact opposite of Love, in this humanity it’s easy to make mistakes, there is a lack of men and women to lead you by example, there is not yet an emotion tied to the joy of giving, only to possess, and its limited interest in the heart that always beats inside your chest  and feels nothing other than Love.


The sweet Love in my embrace as I give you my heart understands your difficulties, and welcomes these brothers and sisters into its heart and answers: “I understand, sweet loved one, how tormented life is in this moment, you lost the light, you wander, it’s night, there is darkness in your heart, but in this moment that you are listening to me, this brother here is putting strength into your heart, determination, hope, my life is with you, it’s like a kiss that wakes you up in the morning, leaves home with you, works together with you, and everything you do, you are doing together, and as you fall asleep, my kiss will accompany you in your sleep and during those days I will speak to your heart, I will speak to you of the brothers we will meet, I will talk of your loved ones, I will always talk to you of love inside your heart, and as you listen to me, the Love inside you will be born again, and among your brothers you will feel equal, hearts just like your heart, it will be easier to smile and help, taking part in a discussion and exchanging thoughts, noticing the harmony all around you, and the Love being exchanged through words, that will be a sweet moment for your heart, it will be us that will help the heart in every emergency, we will protect those who need us, and through our heart we will fill the day with light, what a fantastic day awaits us, you and I in the heart, and every day will be like this, you and I united, doing things for Love. My sweet goodbye, your brother Jesus inside you”.


My embrace is large, brothers, I will be simultaneously inside each single heart that welcomes me, and together we will live great days, I will wait for you, I am inside the heart, and I will make the heart big.


Messages of Love of Jesus Christ words of Love for you was the Message dictated 18th January 2013




Messages of Love of Jesus Christ words of Love for you


Messages of Love of Jesus Christ


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