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Happiness in the feeling of happiness

Happiness in the feeling of happiness the life messages


Happiness in the feeling of happiness : my sweet and beloved brothers sand my sweet and beloved sisters, today I would like to speak to you of the journey you are going through on earth, a journey that looks at experimenting yourselves in what you are carrying safely guarded inside your heart, you have Love in your heart, you are Love, Love inside you, Love that is experimented and places in front of your eyes your nature, you are nothing but Love in motion, precious Love in motion.


You have an experience, everything will move within you, and determine the entire movement of your body, your thought, your words, the feeling that will come through your words, in that moment it will all be experience of you.


Unforeseen or planned are conditions of experience, experience in that moment, both when all of a sudden or just like when programmed, experience.


While you tell your experience you are gaining experience, you think of the experience, and in that moment you are gaining experience, you guard your experience forever and in that moment that is experience; you understand, and it’s a moment of experience, therefore life is a moment after moment of experience of you.


Therefore is it only Love, my Love, that I am experimenting in this life? I am experimenting my being, what I really am is in the expression of my heart, my heart speaks, it communicates with me through my thoughts, the movement of my body, the words that represent me, the heart’s voice in the emotion that move inside me. What I feel speaks to me about me. The emotion speaks to me about me. Everything I feel talks to me about me. It’s like a subject opened up when I was born, uninterrupted in life, that accompanies me beyond my life, through death, to continue into the eternity of my endless definition of myself.


Why is this message of the heart that speaks to me about me so important? All this experimenting myself? All this constant defining myself? It’s Being, the I Am, my Being in the Truth, and in my continuous defining myself my heart’s freedom to Be is expressed.


To be able to fulfill myself, firstly I have to make contact with my heart, listen to it, listen to the voice that expresses itself, time after time in the experience, and listening to the emotions, looking to see if what I am feeling is happiness, because happiness is the condition I feel inside within my freedom of Being; through this endless reflection I discover life in myself, what the heart feels as life, the emotion of happiness is what the life of the heart sends me. For this reason the journey is important, I am discovering why the heart feels life inside me.


Your heart feels life inside you, when you feel life you will know that the experience that is sending you life is important for your own Being. The life inside your heart sends you life, and, as you listen, you can touch life forever.


A big embrace for you, if you could feel my heart: it’s life.


Your brother Jesus Christ


Happiness in the feeling of happiness the life was the Message dictated 30th January 2013




Happiness in the feeling of happiness the life


Happiness in the feeling of happiness


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