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The joy as a creative force

The joy as a creative force of your day words of Jesus Christ


The joy as a creative force : hello my sweet brothers and my sweet sisters, my wish for you brings in front of your eyes everything I feel for you in my heart,,I am so happy to be here with you, as I lift your problems I would like to place your heart in the position to listen to me in the moment of happiness that I am living.


Hello, hello to you sister who listens to my words, hello to you brother who listens to me, hello my loved ones, hello, I am full of joy, happy in this moment, for you, and for you, and for you, and for you, for all of you who listen to my words, this union with you is such a joy, my heart reflects my joy as I bring my joy in meeting you over to you, hello to this world made up of sweet brothers and sweet sisters, hello my beloved creatures of the Father, hello hearts that shine with light and reflect their Love on to me, I love you so intensely that I would like  that this day was made up of moment after moment of sweet experiences of Love and joy, every second, this is my thought, my wish, free like the air, and the heart so happy, just like in this very moment.


The joy as a creative force of your day, where joy is being sent with every meeting, and by helping transmit joy, the efforts of your day are made with you, expressing joy with all your contacts, interacting with your brothers with joy, a day really really rich with joy.


Love makes it possible for your Being to live a day of joy, to exist, despite the problems, experimenting the joy in the heart, and it’s possible for you to to Be Peace and Love and Joy if you look at every effort as a sweet opportunity to be of help, to tend to yourselves and others, to deploy your own affection to be a solution, to deploy your Love when dealing with problems, may they be small or large, Me at the center of my life, as I have a sweet opportunity, continuous possibility, to Be Love; everything that goes through my life is an opportunity to send to others all of the Love that is inside me, a sweet possibility to give voice to my heart, spreading my Love, live myself in my Love, and also Being a Heart is what I truly am, and so I will be truly living my days.


There is no need for many words when my heart is speaking, my smile can speak to an entire village, my tone as I answer says more than the entire message, the light that my eyes transmit has a irreplaceable value, Love towards the heart has no words, it’s more than words, what the light sends is illuminating, and is a sweet possibility to cut through the darkness and turn on the other light.


Every possibility, work and effort and occupation, number one in the heart is the opportunity to illuminate, starting from the heart illuminating other hearts with Love.


This is my joy, this can be your joy,


With Love


Your brother Jesus Christ


The joy as a creative force of your day words of Jesus Christ was the Message donated 02nd February 2013




The joy as a creative force of your day words of Jesus Christ


The joy as a creative force


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