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What is today and every day?

What is today and every day? it is Being in a time of your life


What is today and every day? : here we are with another new day, how are you? sweet faces looking at my words, sweet Spirits reading my words, your imagination in your heart, I love you so much, I love you so much, how are you? some pain, conditions that are not always easy in your existence, anguish for what the future holds, worrying conditions, and also anguish for other thoughts, conditions of worry for your loved ones, a discussion that will need to be reopened, where is the Love in this life? and while in front of your eyes my words are gliding by, you ask your hearts “how can I, as a heart, Be, if my effort does not resolve promptly these difficulties, this pain, these worries, this anguish, and all the pain and worry toward others? I know, you will tell me, that I need to wait a little longer, but how can I be happy in the heart if my feelings are full with these emotions, I feel more pain than happiness, this is what is inside me”


You always carry happiness inside you, but today it’s only a little granule, so you think, you have joy inside you always, but it feels more like a smile among frowning faces, you still think, you always have Love inside you, but it’s more as an opportunity than a manifestation, you still think.


You think, think, think, thinking takes up so much time in your day, you think of the opportunities that you have, how to fulfill, how to reach the important things, to then ask yourselves “And today, what about this life that awaits me?”


I speak to your heart "Beloved, Love, do you know what today and every day is? It is being in a time of your life, Being in a day is to express yourselves, it is Being in contact, it is life, it is experience, it is Love inside you that you can donate in the occasion, it’s an emotion that you can donate in the occasion, it’s a smile you can donate in the occasion, and every contact is an opportunity to express your Being, think of the contacts that are possible in a day, each one of these is for you an opportunity to express yourself, to Be. Look at your day as an opportunity, and in Being Love you will notice it even stronger inside you, even joy will express itself inside you and even that grain of happiness that you thought of, will take up the whole space in your heart. And this day will leave behind life inside you, perhaps you will not have solved a specific problem, but you have lived this day with your Being, and with a sweet smile you will be ready for your next day.


You see, my heart, how important a day is for you, to be able to Be, the Love you activated, and this is what you transmitted and now your heart feels full with this day, this day is therefore an experience of you, an experience of what you activated inside you during this day, and I saw with you your own heart, starting from silence right up to your expression, your Being that  I love, both during silence and while it is activated, but what I do notice is that you, without doubt, feel the life inside you, you feel how sweet the day is, you feel what your You has been in the world".


We can always accompany you with my sweet words my sweet beloved heart.


Forever your brother Jesus Christ


What is today and every day? it is Being in a time of your life was the Message dictated 07th February 2013




What is today and every day? it is Being in a time of your life


What is today and every day?


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