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The experience aware of yourselves

The experience aware of yourselves living the time


The experience aware of yourselves : dear brothers, dear sisters, yet another week is beginning, time, your companion’s time, the time you took to do things, your last few years, and days, you will live today, and today through time.


I look at you with these eyes, eyes in love, I read in the expression of your eyes and I find these words “I really want to live my beloved brother, I want to live over the course of time, the day, the life, I want to live my time, this time, this precise moment, now, Me in this moment in life. Therefore, in this moment I am reading, words, words for me, expression that teaches me, the expression of my life as it speaks to me, thinks of me, worries about me, and sends me words to allow me to be life, to gain experience of my heart, of time, and again it helps me understand that life is in what gets animated time after time; what am I feeling through these words? what emotion? I feel me.


I feel in the moment, I understand that what I am feeling is inside me in the moment, words activating emotions in me; I live in this moment inside me the effects of what these words are awakening inside me.


This inside you is experience, experience of what is being activated inside me, now from the heart I have a message about me, I am the one who is listening so that this feeling I am experiencing may send me the truth about this precise moment.


Moment after moment, listening about me sends me the truth on what happens inside me over the time of life; it is through my listening that I have experience of me.


Time after time, I discover inside me what is activating as a response of me to what is happening outside me.


Therefore the experience is not external to me, but only and always an experience of me in the moment.


Now I am hearing words of help, making contact with my expression inside me, making contact with the experience in me, noticing me in this experience of what I am, of what is truly moving inside me.


Making contact with my emotion after my reflection will turn into words that will transmit my emotion to others, and this contact in the truth will produce a new experience”.


Brothers, sisters, this help comes to you from Love, Love that explains to you with many words what is important for your existence, so that, as you live moment after moment, you may make experience of your emotion, therefore of yourselves, an experience aware of yourselves.


My embrace to all of you,


Your brother Jesus Christ


The experience aware of yourselves living the time was the Message dictated 11th February 2013




The experience aware of yourselves living the time


The experience aware of yourselves


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