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Letter of Love for you

Letter of Love for you words for the heart


Letter of Love for you : brothers and sisters, I am upon you with my gaze, and I wait, I await for your gaze to notice me, my eyes, while they peruse my words I am dictating in this precise moment “this is Jesus speaking to me, not with my eyes but he speaks to me with his heart; in front  of his eyes he sees me and listens to my heart that seems to beg him, why does our world only seem to express violence, aggression, oppression, the goal of money and injustice? how can I cherish myself with the words that you dictated for me? sure, I can understand them and understand my own desire for a better world, but I live in the moment and today this is what is happening”.


I can answer you from the heart because these enormous problems are inside me, but listen to me, if I listen to my heart I feel this humanity that could make a change, that wishes for a change, do you understand?, however, there is a lot of uncertainty over what is the right thing to do, sometimes you adhere to a position but then on a separate moment you adhere to the opposite position, and this conflict creates this moment, many brothers are so ambivalent because between selfishness and wealth they do not  want to leave, but today the price of selfishness is then pain for everyone.


What can be done? Nothing for many brothers other than protecting what is already their own; much for other brothers who give their own effort to fulfill what the heart understands to be good.


This is also inside me: effort.


Love, it’s therefore an effort of many brothers that moves toward hope, and while we ask ourselves in this precise moment, they are building the future.


Therefore, my dear, as you can see the moment is full of possibilities for many brothers who are donating their effort, their eyes are upon you, not for selfishness or interest, but they feel the heart, they act for the good, the greater good.


Can I give you a thought, some words, to place always inside your look?


”You are not matter, you are not even a body, you possess but without avarice, you procure conditions of wellbeing but not of waste, remember others who have conditions similar to yours, do not envy those who have a lot of success, aim your actions so that you not only you can get satisfaction, but also those who are the receivers of your work, remember that you are one among others, be fair and respectful and help in case of need, may the words of your heart feed and nurture your loved ones around you, may your light and your effort work toward solving the world’s problems”.


I am always with you


In Love your brother Jesus Christ


Letter of Love for you words for the heart was the Message dictated 15th February 2013




Letter of Love for you words for the heart


Letter of Love for you


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