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The value of freedom responsibility

The value of freedom responsibility of choice power confirmation or change


My sweetest brothers and my sweetest sisters, inside your hearts there is a question “How is this change possible if I see around me a world that seems to consider the value of freedom as a possibility to then negate it at the time when there is an opportunity for a choice of freedom? Freedom to place herself in the change, to abandon selfishness, and taking on the responsibility that change is born from your every choice. Can change, even if of just one unit,  bring about change?”


This is the question that I read in everyone’s heart “How can I be the promoter of change of an entire society?”.


I know that it’s difficult to think you have power in this situation in which for you power is only in the hands of those who lead a Country, or every institution, you see this as power that is delegated to these individuals, but you were the ones who delegated it to them, and like in the past, you decisions created these very realities. Therefore, as you delegate, you create the power in the moment of your choice. As you delegated, you created every individual who then operated in the power which he received from you.


Are you happy with what has been created? In your freedom, always creating, you can confirm or change what was created. This power is thus waiting for your confirmation, or your change.


This is therefore power: your expression. Change can modify, confirmation renews the trust in what you feel to be good.


For every change there will be confirmation for what will be created, your objective of wellbeing for society.


When your action respects the life of brothers, it will be done for the greater good.


When your action will take your brothers to heart, it will be done for the greater good.


When in your affirmations you will think of your brothers, your actions will be for the greater good.


When there’re is the right consideration for brothers your actions will be done for the greater good.


Therefore, answering your heart, take note of the effects of what you are creating, you should recognize yourself in what was created with your power.


If what you notice is good, then you are creating for the greater good.


If what you notice is not good, then the change needs to be created starting from your self; if selfishness has been creating, then change will be created from Love.


You see, my brother, the choice starts with you, the change of what creates pain in your heart, if selfishness creates pain and you want to throw light, you do for the good, for the greater good, and what will be created will be for the good of everyone.


I hug you very tight, Soul Of Love, feel your heart, and listen to your actions creating Love.


Your brother Jesus Christ


The value of freedom responsibility of choice power confirmation or change was the Message dictated 21st February 2013




The value of freedom responsibility of choice power confirmation or change


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