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8th March Women’s Day a wave of Love

8th March Women’s Day a wave of Love message


8th March Women’s Day a wave of Love


It’s for you, my treasures, the heart that beats with Love, for you, always busy in the world and in the home, for you who place harmony in relationships, again for you, who knows the great pain of exploitation of the body, of violence, of humiliation, my heart is for you, beating with Love, and inviting you to hope, hope that comes from change.


What to do? You ask me. Sisters among you: this is the change.


One woman to another, feeling as if you are all women among you, loving yourselves, worrying for one another, taking on other women’s problems, helping one another, encouraging one another, giving advice, going into your hearts, Therefore, sisters among you.


Every worry will be that of sharing among you, the joy for your heart will be happiness, the help to interrupt the chain of violence, this will be the objective of the heart: being sisters among you.


Sisters of the entire world will not know race, just sisters, who will not see each other as different, just as sisters. And Love among you, like a wave, will overwhelm your planet, and Love will reach men, allowing for change even among them. And so your tomorrow will be like a wave, men and women exchanging affection, a better world for you.


Today is a day for change, today is Women’s day, the wave is beginning to form, your heart is waiting, sisters among you, the wave will overwhelm your earth. And Love will be among you.


Happy Women’s day to all of you


Your brother Jesus Christ


8th March Women’s Day a wave of Love message was the Message dictated 8 March 2013




8th March Women’s Day a wave of Love message


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