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Love donate Love in a greeting

Love donate Love in a greeting in a gesture in words


Love donate Love in a greeting : my beloved brothers and my beloved sisters, I am here with you every day, with all of my heart I am with you every day, I am among you, with you, always, and every instant I notice at your side the Love that is being exchanged among you; this is what I notice, the Love among you.


Those hands stretched out as a greeting for many brothers do not answer to the contact with the heart, the greeting sent to many does not respond to the contact with the heart, a kindness is often an obligation and does not answer to the contact with the heart, Love, what happened to Love?


You are all worried, about what destiny holds, many problems are wrapped up in the anguish over the times that will come, being among you is seeing your tired steps, dragging yourselves through your days without any perspective, you donate Love but with sadness, for many this is your daily reality. Not for all, but this is the reality for many.


When you walk you have necessities surrounding you, hearts surrounding you, brothers surrounding you, others with anguish that cramps their hearts, and while you walk, more and more hearts are in need. Imagine, picture a heart that is lacerated, then add legs and arms to this vision, and this is the multitude of hearts that you meet in your daily path.


Now answer me: wouldn’t it be joy for that heart to receive your affection? The hand that communicates closeness from the heart? The words that the heart then warms up with a greeting? The act of Love, the little attentions, which all of this heart needs to feel loved?


With just a little gesture that heart feels cared for, in the words it feels cared for, in that touch between your hands that heart feels cared for.


And as I move between you I would see the Love and yet … how many times do you worry about the contact with the hands, the Love is expressed also with movement, it’s as if a wave is formed from the heart as it touches that brother, and it covers the entire body, the arms extend out and stretches out that wave to the physical level, it’s Love transmitted through to body, the body transmitting itself as a wave is beautiful. It’s beautiful, and every brother receives in the heart the same intensity of Love, often by exchanging it with a big smile.


My brothers, my sisters, this is Love, a wave that gains strength inside your heart and extends out to reach the other person.


Love is when you feel this wave form and gain strength and raise up, turning toward earth and heading to invest the heart of the other, and wrap it up in your Love.


Here, yet another picture of you as you love.


Now I am embracing you, feel the wave coming from me, all of me, my brothers and sisters, all of me is for you, I love you, I love you, I love you with all my Soul, I love you and I will forever repeat to you that I love you


Your brother Jesus Christ


Love donate Love in a greeting in a gesture in words was the Message From The Sky 11th April 2013




Love donate Love in a greeting in a gesture in words


Love donate Love in a greeting


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