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To Love and Being Love messages

To Love and Being Love messages from the Sky a song for you


To Love and Being Love : my beloved and sweet brothers, my beloved and sweet sisters, I would like to sing a song for you, to cheer you up, to give you sweet hope again, I would like some notes as captivating as the embrace I feel in the heart, I would like to hug you in a song for you, embracing you into my heart, and giving you warmth and lots of Love; this is what I would like, nothing more than the Love I am feeling; this is what I would like.


Today you arrived to read my words, and instead you find a song for you, and the eyes go through my words, but you only find my emotion, what teaching is more important than to tell you how infinite is the affection that I feel inside my heart for each one of you?


Why is it so important to tell you about my emotion? Because a heart that teaches, is a heart that places itself next to you, and it’s still a heart that suggests moments in which to shine as a heart.


In front of your eyes you have a heart that seeks words, to tell you how sweet each one of my thoughts of you is, every instant, every minute in which I am feeling you from my heart, happy with you because as you cross my path you are hearts intending to shine in all your beauty you carry inside your heart; a beauty you have always had, but that you reawaken in this precise moment when a brother activates Love inside you; you are wonderful when you activate your Love towards your brothers, the sweetest vision for my eyes is to see your heart lighting up and donating itself with no barriers, and even you register that warmth inside you, the intense sweetness still inside you, the Love that would like to be expressed in the freedom always, just like in that moment. This is the teaching of Love, this is the experience of Love, the freedom allowed to your heart transforms a being into a Being of Love that enjoys the immense Love that it discovered inside itself.


These happy eyes shine like stars, they are the eyes of those who love from the heart, they are the eyes of those who discovered themselves when they love, they are the eyes of my beautiful brothers when they understand that Being Love is their real nature.


And while you read, the heart of your brother is still illuminated by our embrace, and by your presence forever inside me.


An embrace of Love that will never end


Your brother Jesus Christ


To Love and Being Love messages from the Sky a song for you was the Messages from the Sky 8th April 2013




To Love and Being Love messages from the Sky a song for you


To Love and Being Love


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