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Fight effort of the heart for goodness sake

Fight effort of the heart for goodness sake messages


Fight effort of the heart for goodness sake : my beloved, my dear and beloved brothers and my dear and beloved sisters, I reach you with true joy, I feel inside my heart the possibility, my beloved ones, for an alternative to what I see today on earth, I am talking about violence, abuse, any form of oppression, mistreated creatures, being taken advantage of, I also speak of the brothers who died at the hand of other brothers, I speak also of those who spread death in the homes, in buildings, I also speak of the corruption of many governments and of laws that do not respect the value of life, I speak of the pain for every injustice that you notice inside your heart, just like what I am feeling as I look at your earth; however, next to the pain, I feel inside me what your effort can do today and tomorrow.


I see some brothers and some sisters, I see them busy solving humanity’s problems, they are many, countless, I feel them carrying in their hearts the fight for injustice, they are busy fighting this fight for the good of tomorrow, a fight with words, fight as a concept of goodness that needs to be affirmed, fight as an effort towards you and finally fight as a progression for humanity.


Many brothers and sisters are working to defend what has been conquered already, and it’s not so easy when the economic interest pulls for inequalities, and they too have to fight, for this moment, and for tomorrow.


If you could count, my brothers, how many people are among you today, angry, they are fighting for you, to give all of you together a better today, and a tomorrow that is different from today.


The fight starts all over again every morning, and it ends at night, every injustice to battle, day after day, this is the only way with which change will truly triumph.


If you ask yourselves where that brother or that sister find all that energy from, direct your question straight to their hearts, and it will answer you “How can I possibly stay still, and witness this, as a heart, looking around, how can I watch those tears flow in the world and not feel pain, how can I worry only for me when these images fill me with pain?  As a heart I feel the injustice, the tears, the pain, I feel them inside me, and from this pain is where I gain my strength, more and more, for me and for others, I fill my hands with it,  and my mind with it, and then I fight for the goodness of those eyes, the goodness of a heart. I am a heart that is busy fighting for goodness sake”.


Here, my beloved brothers and my beloved sisters, this is where he gets all his strength from, from the heart, strength is possibility, power of change.


I embrace you and I leave you to the right reflections, for now and for tomorrow.


Always with you


Your brother Jesus Christ


Fight effort of the heart for goodness sake was the Messages from the Sky 6th June 2013



Fight effort of the heart for goodness sake messages



Fight effort of the heart for goodness sake


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