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Like a mother my heart is made of Love

Like a mother my heart is made of Love message from the Virgin Mother Mary


Like a mother my heart is made of Love : my beloved sons and my beloved daughters, today I am with you, with the affection from my Love, as it appears my heart seems to overflow with affection for you on earth, but it is so much more than that, because I am a mother also for your brothers in the Sky, and as I speak with you, if you could see how many of them are seated here next to me, for them, who have already been on earth before you, now my presence is the confirmation of what they believed in: that in the Sky there is a Being, like a mantle of light, that thinks of every one of its children, that prays, and then awaits for her sweet prayers to come true, and inside us is the thought, the Love, the daily life, a sweet Mother who embraces earth with her mantle, as if it was with her own hands, and awaits with her entire heart for every one of her children to start seeking her.


Before you, they too have had an experience on earth, they know its difficulties, the threats, the belief without seeing me, feeling me with you but without the confirmation from your own eyes, touching me in a statue, and knowing that I am there with my whole entire affection, strong in the life among you.


This is my Being Mother with you, my effort is endless, my strength comes from you, because my Love for each one of you on earth is great.


In the Sky you live a different reality, however today you are reaching for my mantle and sheltering yourselves in it, accepting She who can not be seen but who loves you.


My much beloved sons, my much beloved daughters, I leave words for you in many words, I try to give words for all of you, they are words I feel in my heart, they are there to gently guide you toward us, toward the reality that is us, a single reality that surrounds the world, a reality made of brothers who place their hearts, their Love, their emotions, their strength at the center of their existence.


Today, 8th of May, we celebrate my Love, do you know what would make me really happy? Being able to celebrate you all the time, celebrate the Love you give out, brother to brother, without differentiation, just like you did in the past while over here with me in the Sky; this is what my heart asks of you: love one another, love one another, love yourselves always, without limits.


Today you are reading my words in a message, but I would like for you to guard these words inside your heart, every day, because your heart is always at the center, even in this moment while you find yourselves on earth.


I love you with affection


Your Virgin Mother Mary says goodbye to you and blesses you


Like a mother my heart is made of Love message from the Virgin Mother Mary was the Messages From The Sky 8th May 2013




Like a mother my heart is made of Love message from the Virgin Mother Mary


Like a mother my heart is made of Love


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