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Your own value definition

Your own value definition during your journey of life


Your own value definition : my sweet and beloved brothers and my sweet and beloved sisters, today in this message I would like to speak to all of you about the possibility, of every opportunity that you may encounter in a specific moment, and as you treasure it, you can discover, recognize, affirm your value.


Many of you think of a possibility of a specific event that turns your own journey into something positive; I think of the job for those who are seeking it, a much-awaited pregnancy, money that appears out of the blue, a stroke of luck with a home you had been longing for, these for many of you are the possibilities that life proposes, of events that appease your desire and have value as a possibility.


The possibility inside the event is in the expression of your Being even before the event itself, at the time you face the event, and from the moment after the event took place.


Your Being on earth is a constant possibility of expression of your Being. While you wait, involved in your desire, you are experimenting every moment; at the moment of the opportunity you are experimenting yourselves at all times; from the fulfillment of the desire, you are always experimenting. The constant element, as you can see, is your Being, which manifests your expression in every situation. It’s important to understand that in life there are not only opportunities linked to the fulfillment of your expression, but it’s the expression of your Being that is truly important in life.


It’s important to understand Your Being, an arm, a person, a body, a heart, who is experimenting itself in life, it is getting to know itself, it learns on its own in its expression. So, when it makes a contact, the Me learns on its own about its own expression to the other, in how it faces it, in what it feels in the expression of its emotions, from its reactions to messages from others, to the emotions that the other person sends, and it is all defined by this.


Your Having Been in that contact in that way defines my own I Am.


When you gain consciousness of the enormous function that every moment has of its own expression for the definition of your I Am, you will look at life as an opportunity, as an ever-present possibility to give voice to Your Being, discovering yourselves in that moment, in the value that you carry inside you.


When you accompany yourselves with another, the value you carry will be in your expression, being present, listening to yourselves at all moments will mean regaining your own value that was deployed on the field. In your own definition, every moment contemplates your own value. This is the treasure that you are discovering during your journey of life. This is the treasure that makes your life precious, life that, in full freedom, constantly defines you on your own evolution, the level of evolution reached by your I Am.


All this is much more important than a desire that wants to be fulfilled; being in the expression of itself is the value that you are carrying, in terms of evolution, and allowing yourselves to continue evolving is the great commitment and objective of your birth on this earth.


You have a great treasure, to be discovered, and being among you becomes constant possibility to find value in it, and the strong definition of your I Am.


So, I Am this, it’s an experience of value.


I embrace you with all of my heart


Your brother Jesus Christ


Your own value definition during your journey of life is the Message From The Sky 15th May 2013




Your own value definition during your journey of life


Your own value definition


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