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The thought that blocks every progress

The thought that blocks every progress every action every intention every evolution


The thought that blocks every progress : my beloved brothers and my beloved sisters, today I would like to talk, speaking to you, but they are words for everyone, same for everyone, same words for all, about freedom, your freedom of action.


As you are born, you are in a specific condition, place, status, family, creed, culture, and your parents around you who will welcome you, will be your very first contact with the condition that you have chosen to be in your life, they will be carriers for you of images of life, in that moment of your condition,


Then, you mature experience and you feel that condition with your own Being, and then, slowly, with understanding, you notice what favors or limits your expression, your possibilities, your Me.


Your understanding reaches your action, seeking to fulfill various and better conditions for your existence.


The humanity that is on earth today is seeking progress of its conditions in every society, progress both at individual and collective level, as a society.


There are many problems that find an answer within the limits of a country, but this humanity feels united in its choice of freedom as a condition to evolve. You all answer “Only freedom can allow growth for everyone”. In order to evolve you need freedom.


When there is violence in front of your eyes, you have a freedom that is being threatened, not only for you, but it is threatened for all brothers and all sisters.


Sometimes you think that only one territory is involved, it’s just like thinking “don’t worry, you will not be involved in this conflict, it will not be you who will be living that moment, who will be opening your eyes and looking through the veil of fear, of compromised freedom, living life as a normality”. And while you are thinking this, sadly, around you many, many people are defending themselves with the same thought. The thought is Don’t Worry.


You see, my beloved ones, this thought blocks every progress, every action, every intention, every evolution.


My beloved, this journey of societies is so slowed down because the thought “don’t worry” is very much with you; the thought with you is that of not worrying about the interests of others.


And this generates violence again.


You see, this humanity cares much more about your progress than the progress of others, and through this action it fails to understand that what happens around you, what is happening, actually involves you too, everyone, because often territorialism is a situation, because you are all exposed to the same violence, the same threat to your freedom.


My brothers, my sisters, progress, and I say this to you so you may educate as you speak to your brothers, the project only becomes reality if the hearts, as they are involved, feel it as if it was their own the violence, the injustice, the non-freedom, of brothers, of sisters, of others as you.


I will conclude this message with a note: soon you will see the sun shining among you, and do you know why? Because your heart will vibrate next to the hearts of your brothers and sisters, you will be united in one only world.


I embrace you with all of my Love


Your brother Jesus Christ


The thought that blocks every progress every action every intention every evolution is the Message From The Sky 21st May 2013




The thought that blocks every progress every action every intention every evolution


The thought that blocks every progress


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