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This humanity that suffers

This humanity that suffers I come to talk to you of Love


This humanity that suffers


Dearest brothers and dearest sisters, my effort has always been constant, I look toward humanity and as I see how populations suffer, individual brothers or their communities, sometimes I think that Love, the brotherly Love still has a long way to go to establish itself on earth. If you look with the eyes of your brother Jesus, you will understand why every moment of my existence is an effort for you on earth.


This humanity still thinks too much about itself, it thinks of life as something to be conquered, the thought of being only in a hostile world, and not in a world of brothers, and many times even this humanity does not think of recognizing the existence of the Love of those who are on the other side of life on earth. How can a heart love with these thoughts? How can it change its thoughts without the example of a heart from a brother who loves, who uses his effort in the name of Love?


It’s like someone who is thirsty and does not have water, a humanity that is thirsty and is seeking a spring to quell its needs, how can it find Love if it can not find the spring? Love is the spring.


My effort of Love is like a waterfall of water for my brothers, I come to you, and I come to talk to you of Love, I come to guide you toward Love, I come as a testimonial of the Love that is above all of us.


This humanity that is still waiting to be able to feed itself, to nourish itself with Love, will have my constant effort of Love.


How can I not think of the suffering of many hearts, I am a heart and I will always be there for you.


Your brother Jesus Christ


This humanity that suffers I come to talk to you of Love messages from the Sky from 17th June 2013




This humanity that suffers I come to talk to you of Love


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