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The needs of humanity

The needs of humanity the need for protection and security


The needs of humanity : I am back my beloved brothers and my beloved sisters, right among you, I would like to once again talk about needs; a need on earth, for this humanity, is a need for protection and security; in your humanity the things that are necessary, that are needed for life, are those included in the realm of nutrition, and shelter from the weather, from rain, cold, also having other people next to you to be able to live and face every need as a community, in case the need for protection and security was being threatened in the whole community, and then again, but not less importantly, that the need may be adopted as a unit of measure for the progress made, and from here the knowledge and the discoveries that can guarantee this humanity protection and security.


Today many brothers do not have guaranteed conditions of security and protection, and this is your humanity. You know what happens inside your world, wars, violence, fights, there is still a lot of misery, and it’s your humanity that is suffering.


You should hear the voice of many parts of your humanity, you know about it, and despite your problems, the great need of others is right in front of you, they are living without any protection, without any security.


Perhaps you think the great distress they are feeling in their lives is not linked to you, that it is not your direct responsibility, but listen to the need that tells you “What do you do for me?”, and this is your responsibility.


You hear this voice calling you, it’s asking you “What are you doing for me?”


There are many of them, but there are also many of you, many, and you are important to them.


Despite the fact that this humanity is living this desperation, there are many who, as part of the very same humanity, can donate themselves to help.


A voice answers “Maybe in a while, I too have my own preoccupations” this security you are seeking is your deceit, it’s time for responsibility, give today your own contribution, don’t wait until tomorrow, not in a month, that voice is calling you now, now is your responsibility for an answer, now is your help as an answer.


How can words send your help, how can a hug send your help, everything you will find as an answer to that voice will transmit your help, today for a tomorrow that will know security and protection for all brothers and sisters of your humanity.


Today I leave you, bring my heart as a gift, with your help


Your brother Jesus Christ


The needs of humanity the need for protection and security Messages From The Sky from 13th June 2013




The needs of humanity the need for protection and security


The needs of humanity


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