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Guilt punishment forgiveness and life

Guilt punishment forgiveness and life words of Jesus Christ


Guilt punishment forgiveness and life : my beloved brothers and my beloved sisters, I come with my heart and I make myself comfortable among all of you, we are all brothers, I promised you that I would have talked to you of guilt, around me I see tormented hearts, tormented by mistakes, by omissions, by actions based on selfishness, by mistaken contacts with your body you have used for your advantage, and also to make contact with others you have deceived, the list of errors your brothers made during their journeys on earth is very long, and right now among you there are also brothers living who are making the same mistakes, they shine alone with selfishness on earth, they just need to acquire an advantage, this is their treasure.


This humanity is busy chasing money, it wants, it imposes, a model of pure selfishness and rejection of the value of others, of their dignity, their existence. But then, during the time of their death, their torment invades all their being, and the tormented heart becomes their own reality.


And they are still among you, asking themselves how they could have valued so much something that has no value: power, prestige, wealth, possession, the advantage of the body; arrogance, being demanding, constant attitude toward others, needs being rejected, non-effort for others, indifference to the pain of others, indifference to this humanity; thinking of fun as a body to use, to take and then throw away, or throw away money for the enjoyment of the moment … this humanity is so sad that it seeks inside errors the happiness that the heart desires.


Many, many errors of this humanity are actually a heart’s search for happiness. Much value on earth is given to this search, but only goodness can give happiness to a heart, happiness at owning an object is only an apparent happiness, it’s a passing moment, it’s the excitement of a moment, to be followed by darkness; only the act of feeling the goodness, the vitality that a heart who loves is able to send you, is what makes your Being feel truly alive, it makes you feel happiness, it brings you to seek Love, for it to shine time after time, more and more. This is, for the heart, the biggest objective: being happy in Being Love.


My forgiveness, my brothers, I have always given to you, I understand the error that brought you to do an injustice; in this humanity, my brothers, to be a heart you need to feel the life in you, feeling that, when you donate, everything gets colored with light, when Love beats inside the heart, all the stars in the creation shine from inside out the heart, and in these great emotions is where life shines, there is no greater joy than that of feeling life shining inside your own heart.


To a brother who is asking for penance, I say “You can not find life in penance, correct your mistakes and seek life in your heart, Love is inside you, life is in you, look at your brothers without shame, donate yourselves and give voice to your Love even with the tiniest of actions.


Today I spoke words to you and to the brothers who are here in the Sky, may these words be a warning for you not to fall into the well visible illusion of your humanity, those of you who are going through the journey on earth, use your heart, those seeking happiness, activate your Love, seek other people as an opportunity to donate your treasure, the wonderful Love that is inside you, and while your heart will reap all the stars of the firmament, life will express itself inside your chest.


I embrace you with all of my Love


Your brother Jesus Christ


Guilt punishment forgiveness and life words of Jesus Christ messages from the Sky from 10th June 2013




Guilt punishment forgiveness and life words of Jesus Christ


Guilt punishment forgiveness and life


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