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Matrimony the gift of two Souls

Matrimony the gift of two Souls unity in the effort to love yourselves


Matrimony the gift of two Souls : my beloved brothers and my beloved sisters, this matrimony that unites two Souls into the Sacred world, in an indissoluble bond, in your own forever, that which should be the expression of Love in its fulfillment, that which in life should see you together, celebrating every moment, today is more of just an expression than a concrete reality of Being; why is that? it’s right to ask yourselves why.


Lately, the freedom which you and others enjoy, the need to feel respected that resides inside you and in others, the means you use that give independence to you and to others, the experience of your work that gives you and others financial independence, on the one hand these are evident advantages for all of you, an advantage in the freedom of choice of the Soul with whom to form a bond, but on the other hand, if you think about it, they can hold back your identity from completely entering into the relationship of exchange that is a matrimony today.


Before you were a couple, there was separation between you, then came a meeting, then your emotion brought you ever closer to being near each other, on to sharing, to desiring to take each other by the hand and uniting into a life and then the marriage, and now there is a life as a couple for you, unity in the effort to love yourselves, to donating freedom and respect to yourselves, to notice the needs of the other person and to always ask yourselves if your Love for the other person is giving happiness to the other person.


Now you understand that the bond you established with the other is a major commitment, happiness, and therefore your own effort is that of being, together with your own Being, an occasion for happiness for the other; your effort is like a gift, the reciprocal gift of your Being of making the other person happy. This is marriage, my brothers and sisters, and it’s different from individuality, it’s feeling like a unity, a unity as a project, unity as a fulfillment of yourselves.


But in your times nowadays, you speak of unity as in suffering, as a limitation of your freedom, as an effort to bring forward with sacrifice, as a limitation of your own identity, and this, among you, is the exact opposite of what matrimony is.


Of course, matrimony is not necessarily pleasant, there are problems, difficulties, changes over time, but this is a challenge as to how much your Love can express itself in Love, even during difficulties, even in problems, even in the inevitable change for both. I know, Love is at stake in this matrimony, your choice is always renewed, however, this season, which you have sought in earnest, was for the happiness of yourselves and of others, it was to complete each other reciprocally, in a word, it was to live yourselves donating Love.


The wellbeing is mutual, the effort is mutual, the gift you exchange each other with affection is mutual, may your eyes travel to the other person in the insecurity of a moment, and may you observe in that heart, who chose you in the Love, may you observe their effort, their Love for you expressing itself, it wants to be a unity with you, a unity in the Love with you.


This, Love, is the feeling that creates unity, your wonderful feeling.


Happiness needs nothing else other than unity.


May a sweet thought directed to you accompany you with your happiness.


Your brother Jesus Christ


Matrimony the gift of two Souls unity in the effort to love yourselves Message from the Sky 6th June 2013




Matrimony the gift of two Souls unity in the effort to love yourselves


Matrimony the gift of two Souls


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