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Awareness in the body and in the Spirit

Awareness in the body and in the Spirit messages of teaching


Awareness in the body and in the Spirit : my beloved brothers and my beloved sisters, I am, I am and my identity is my Being in this moment, in this point of my journey I am; I understand what was created by my Being, and they are all experiences that I matured, both inside my body within the experience on earth, and also in the experience without the body, living myself as a Spirit.


In the dimension, I feel that the experience of myself is that of a Being Of Love, an expression of me as Love, my real identity is of a Being Of Love. Today, in this moment, what I am expressing all around me and inside myself is my Being Love, within the freedom which I enjoy, I am expressing my Being Love to myself and all around myself. Those who are close to me are also expressing their own identity, their Being Love, which is also the product in turn of the many experiences they conducted in the body and in the absence of a body. A group of brothers is still the manifestation of their being Beings Of Love, which is the result, yet again, of the endless experiences they lived inside their bodies, and without them.


Now, in the awareness of the Spirit, we live our identity as Beings Of Love that are liberating more and more their Natural Being, the nature of which both I and my brothers are all made of: Love. While being Me, I discover about my natural being, about being an expression of my own Love, because I am made of Love; in all of the variations of the feeling, I am the one discovering Love.


This awareness today was present in me also in my body, I just needed to listen to my own feelings to understand that my real nature, my Natural Being, was Being Love, because it’s exactly inside me that, whenever I felt pain, I recognized it as the absence of Love, just like as I tended to my brothers I recognized myself as a heart in touch with other hearts, when I saw other people’s suffering I recognized myself as a worried heart, an involved heart, sometimes in the impossibility to help, but nonetheless a heart that desired Love for it as opposed to suffering, just like when I was in discomfort, my Being Love was seeking other Beings Of Love, to receive help.


Happiness, joy, tenderness, sweetness they were still feelings that, while inside me, communicated to me my Being Natural Love, and that joy in the falling in love with placing Love in the first place for the other person, this too is an experience that in my body was speaking of my Being Love.


In the message of my heart there was awareness, the same awareness that I live in my Spirit, the Love inside me; what I did with myself as Love during my passage on earth is now the freedom to express myself ever more effectively by approaching more and more closer to my Natural Being, affirming even more within full freedom my Being Natural.


This is my experience of me in the body and in the Spirit, this is your experience in the body and, one day, in the Spirit.


I surround you with Love


Your brother Jesus Christ


Awareness in the body and in the Spirit messages of teaching 1st July 2013




Awareness in the body and in the Spirit messages of teaching


Awareness in the body and in the Spirit


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