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Holiday time the desire to live

Holiday time the desire to live that moment


The holidays have arrived, it’s time to make the most of the entire days for this humanity, as the chores are halved: it’s holiday time.


The awaiting arrives, time for you, you make a program to follow, what you will do, what you think will give you moments of joy, the emotion in the heart, a heart that many times feels squeezed with all the commitments.


Now you think happily of the life that is preparing, and you already savor the moments of life that await you, you intend to live fully every moment, happy to be you the ones who will feel the emotion that await you, and when the holiday will end, the memories to share, the emotion to talk about, the pleasure to transmit to others everything you have lived through the pictures and through your words. And the memory will stay with you forever, in you, as a moment of your life.


The life I am referring to is the life that stays with you, and I am not talking about an effort, but an emotion of life in the effort; you run, you play, it’s an effort for your mind and body, you dedicate yourselves to others during those days, that is effort for your mind and for your body, you dedicate yourselves to do certain jobs and that is effort for the mind and body, you dedicate to make projects and once again it’s effort for the mind and body, perhaps this emotion of life you are seeking is not in the effort, but in how you position yourselves with respect to this effort, living, your desire is to live that moment, wanting to savor life in that moment, preparing yourselves to being yourselves in that moment, perhaps this is exactly what fills you with life, what fills your heart with the emotion of life; Life is through life, when you give up the idea of having to be for others and you start living life as a gift to be able to feel yourselves in the emotions of the heart that they will be feeling, that’s when life returns moments, days, months and years of Life with no longer any distinction between effort, because you are yourselves in all moments where you live emotions, you will Be Life within your life.


My loving goodbye to all of you brothers and sisters, life is like a song, if it’s you who is singing it.


Your brother Jesus Christ


Holiday time the desire to live that moment is a Message from the Sky 22nd July 2013




Holiday time the desire to live that moment


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