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Love for the common good

Love for the common good a message for you


Love for the common good : as a Father I have come to give you my greeting, I have accompanied you in your journey on earth, it was such a joy watching you in those moments when I saw you give love, what joy in those moments passed in harmony in your homes, among your brothers, what joy I feel inside the heart when I see you tending to those who need help and are suffering, your heart is all for the other person as you help them, so many words exchanged to give back hope, support, facing problems together, projecting yourselves into the future for the common good, you are making an effort with your brothers for the children who will come, the strength that makes you take care of them is the heart, my beloved sons and daughters, it’s the Love you carry inside you and that comes out from your chest and radiates all around you.


You are the joy for me, as the Father of all of you my children, you are the holiday, the dance inside my heart, the music, the morning colors with sunrise, here comes my joy for you, and more joy when my eyes see a heart that, with your example, starts to shine and spread Love as well, giving power to the heart to make a change, because tomorrow belongs to everyone, the possible tomorrow in the Love for everyone.


Come on, my hearts, my strength is with you, a heart of infinite Love for you. May this message merge inside you into a large and strong embrace, forever, with your heart.


The Father



As a Mother I am with you, your planet earth, which I love in all of its elements, please protect it, for your sake, for your present for and for the times that will come, take care of these mountains, of every single river, of the seas and the oceans, and all its inhabitants, reap now and then plant seeds in harmony with earth, and give value to the research of the natural world; everything that radiates energy is energy, and everyone needs to re-establish harmony with earth, protect it, take care of it, my sweet sons and daughters, love your body that makes your life possible, love this earth.


Give Love and love yourselves, love yourselves by positioning your heart as the most precious gift, the real possession, which is Love.


As a Mother I embrace you and I give Sara my goodbye, may this current time of your effort among your brothers on earth disseminate the Love you are carrying into the world.


The Virgin Mother Mary



And here is your brother, closing this message, a message for you of happy holidays, including Sara, soon you will also see our new website on which we are working, and our message will be arriving from the newly redesigned pages.


I would like to share a closing thought:


You have so many problems that feeling discouraged is always something that could easily happen, you have problems that undermine your stability, your security and your insecurity about your tomorrow, don’t let your fears obscure you, don’t let your darkest thoughts obscure you, today you see difficulties, which can be overcome if even your thoughts begin to seek the best solutions.


Turn the Love that is among you into the push that comes from a union, from feeling together, facing the moment together, even in welcoming that moment, to act together, and this moment will be an occasion for you to renew the strong tie that you decided to choose together from the heart, and together you will evaluate the occasions that will present themselves, and the life that gives your worries will open up to a change that, together, all of you united, will face, and it will be such a new moment of experience.


I hug you with Love


Your brother Jesus Christ


Love for the common good a message for you from the Sky 25th July 2013



Love for the common good a message for you


Love for the common good


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