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The right Pride Respect for every difference

The right Pride Respect for every difference being brothers


The right Pride Respect for every difference : my dear brothers and my dear sisters, I would like to welcome you to these pages, I would like to be able to embrace all of you with Love, and make you feel my heart in touch with you, exploding with joy in front of my brothers and sisters, I would like for my words to you to transform when inside my heart in contact with yours, as brothers from the same humanity, everyone with their own peculiarities, with their characteristics, but brothers from the same humanity.


Today in the title I dictated for this message I wrote “Brothers for peace” because you are going through a time of great instability, and through videos and newspapers you have in front of your eyes images that talk to you of war, of reasons to defend by causing death unto others, but the most atrocious thing is the justification of the power to kiss those who are against that authority. This humanity needs an effort and needs to listen, and knows about death.


Death of the problem? When does this ever happen? The modalities may vary, but whenever a problem exists, the only possible solution is to resolve it.


My brothers, for every moment of anguish, for every problem, in every era of this humanity, you can find together the key to the solutions by welcoming and listening to your humanity, and by ensuring that the act of being a man is the greatest moment, the most elevated moment for the human being.


As men, the greatest recognition is in your Humanity, in making yourselves available to your brothers starting from your Humanity, from Respect for every difference, moved by the effort in the contact, moved by your heart in search for peace, as a common benefit for all.


And while I am speaking to you, I see the meeting of those who want war, the humanity you are supposedly protecting and helping develop, how can it know serenity while erasing other hearts? What growth can be gained by bombarding any differences? What evolution can be achieved if there is talk of violence, of barbaric acts, of hate?


The Love you carry inside you, this Humanity, makes a difference, and this humanity, in search for pride, has always been carrying it with it, being brothers, thinking of yourselves as brothers, this is the right Pride.


Many words, but in reality, the barriers that exist today among brothers are not removed, and this humanity is still seeking peace.


This understanding will bring peace.


Next to my heart you feel Peace, I feel you my brothers, and many of us have peace inside the heart, your Humanity is the one talking about peace, and being among you, and bringing you comfort is my way of being a heart.


With all of my Love


Your brother Jesus Christ


The right Pride Respect for every difference being brothers Message 06th September 2013




The right Pride Respect for every difference being brothers


The right Pride Respect for every difference


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