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Being in the joy

Being in the joy within the gift of myself


Being in the joy : with much happiness I am among you, my precious brothers and my precious sisters, to me, being among you is always a precious opportunity to speak, even in current times, of the meaning of your every day life.


Look around you, and see, and as you feel, look at the experience of others, and in every moment you are involved in life, your life involves you in emotions. Emotions are the center of this life, of every moment of your day, and the great value of the experience you are maturing, moment after moment, is inside you.


When you look, you feel, my brothers and sisters, you feel inside what a specific event or a specific image provokes in this, this is information on your Being. What do I feel inside me, this is information about myself as a heart. Is it Love, or is it the opposite of Love that I am feeling? Do I feel availability, or the opposite? Do I feel like helping, or the opposite? Through my actions, am I preparing to support that heart, or do I feel indifference? And when I do tend to it, do I do it as a gift of me, or do I do it just to resolve a problem?


This is life, every instant is a definition of me, information I collect of me, from what I feel, I feel inside me.


When my Love expresses itself inside me, I feel as if I am transported by my joy as I run toward to the other, I feel the emotion dilating inside me, and filling my entire body with my Being, and even when I am expressing myself, this emotion endures throughout my contribution, and when I end, I am still feeling an emotion of joy inside me, one more moment of joy within the gift of myself.


However, in certain moments, it will be experience of me to retract, to close myself up, to not concede availability, to feel indifferent as I close up, in my placing distances I will end up feeling tension, nothing but barriers is what I will erect inside me, closing myself up inside my Ego, and protecting myself from the others. Like the owner of a castle, I will lift the moat bridge and become untouchable, I will have my castle, and my reasons as the companions for my tension, but what I will be feeling will be just failure, this heart will be emotion failure of my Being is what I will experience.


The heart, in the life of the heart, what is precious is the donation of myself to my brothers, because each other person is important for the emotion, being in this humanity is like transmitting your own Being, it’s placing your own Being in the middle of this humanity, it’s living the emotions, its being yourself in the emotion, it’s enjoying it in the great joy that often our brothers send to us, and which is also the objective of the heart: Being in the joy.


One last moment with you, I want to bring my heart to all of you for just one more moment, right now I notice it is peace, it is Being.


For you.


Your brother Jesus Christ


Being in the joy within the gift of myself is a message dictated by Jesus Christ




Being in the joy within the gift of myself


Being in the joy


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