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Creation is expression of infinite Love

Creation is expression of infinite Love for us from our Creator


Creation is expression of infinite Love : with you, me with you, with my immense Love, Love for you, for you, Love I feel inside the heart for everything and everyone, for every creature, for everything that surrounds you, for the inanimate and for every sweet Soul in which Love is being expressed, because every thing in the creation is an expression of its Creator, it’s expression of his infinite love for us; those trees were created for us, he donated to us that river with Love, the peaks, the mountains, for us, everything, everything, everything for us.


My brothers and my sisters, do you understand how great is his Love? Love in his effort, Love in his design, Love in his giving form, Love in giving movement, Love in the whole creation. Love that donated to each one of us, he created an experience for us, we, children of a Father in love, we are so frail in our path, through the things created by him, but strong with his Love, we, so perplexed in front of obstacles, but so strong in his sweet Love, we, in pain during many moments, but strong with his Love.


Life, emotion, everything that speaks to the inside of us, the heart, it’s the biggest gift, it’s a fragment of his own Love, think, he donated himself to all of his children, and through every child, he waits until it is Love that speaks, that designs, that creates from his inside, or her inside.


When this Love expresses itself, the joy you feel returns to the Father, when this emotion you feel returns to the Father, the light expands into the creation and among you, it’s like a ray that begins with you and expands all the way to the Sky, and this is the light of the fragment that brings a message of Love to the Father, “I love” and Love responds with joy to that “I love”, by filling with Love the heart of his Father.


What for you is a moment of joy, for your Creator is an emotion, it’s light that generates light, it’s affection that generates affection, it’s Love that lights up Love once again.


Just like the Father has always believed in you, reach closer to your heart, feel within your emotion, love and feel yourselves while you love, help and feel yourselves as you help, participate to the moments of other people, and feel yourselves in those emotions, let Love guide you toward others, and feel yourselves, what you feel, emotions of Love are your wealth.


I love you


Your brother Jesus Christ


Creation is expression of infinite Love for us from our Creator the messages from Jesus 21 October 2013




Creation is expression of infinite Love for us from our Creator


Creation is expression of infinite Love


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