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Death the end of the body has its necessity

Death the end of the body has its necessity for evolution


Death the end of the body has its necessity : my beloved brothers and my beloved sisters, beloved since forever and beloved forever and ever, come closer, I want to speak to you about Love, the Love, a constant strength within us; this strength has always been within us and will always be our guide in every experience that, over the course of time,  will define our Being; this experience takes place over the course of your Soul, an experience that includes companions to experiment yourselves with, to be able to measure your Being with events, companions to notice the feeling that comes from the heart and expresses itself all around it; the entire life of a Soul takes place within the feeling and so does life itself.


To your eyes, to the eyes of humanity on earth, these bodies give you the material feel of Being, you can hear that Soul speak, you can embrace a Soul and hug it with Love, everything the Soul does speaks to you of its Soul, every moment it exists as a Soul; time goes by together, you as companions and the experience for that Soul.


When life abandons the body, from that moment on it opens up a new moment of experience for the Soul, there is a difficult moment when leaving one’s own companions on earth with their feelings of mourning and pain, to then be able to continue on with their own journey of experience, while the awareness of one’s self grows in death, that’s when all the reasons that determined one’s own Being during the experience on earth highlight the needs during the evolution of the Soul, and these needs will define the choice of new companions to Be in the experience, and to evolve.


You will all have the opportunity in your awareness to follow the companions that you left behind, because Love is forever tied to one’s companions, however, your own needs will push you once again to take on the journey that the Soul knows is necessary.


Now, 2nd of November, a day in which the pain for your companions is celebrated, you have a need for words, a message dedicated to you, a message for you and the words I am dedicating to you contain a specific message: my beloved ones, your Being on earth is experience of your Soul, what comes out of the heart is experience of your Being, everything you express from the heart is experience for your Soul, your whole journey is experience for your Soul, whenever you feel an emotion this is experience for the Soul, therefore only the act of loving is experience for your Soul, the experience of a Soul begins with love, and it concludes with infinite Love. This is what we are, each one of us, brothers and sisters: infinite Love that we are reaching, while being expression of Ourselves.


The passage you call death has its necessity for evolution’s sake: the end of the body signals the beginning of the new progress.


Then, one fine day, you will see with your eyes and it will be the most beautiful sight you could possibly imagine, because here Love has expressed itself and it’s so sweet to be staying among brothers and sisters, Love is all you breathe here, Love pursuing its necessities.


I embrace you


Your brother Jesus Christ


Death the end of the body has its necessity for evolution is the Message from Jesus Christ for 2nd November 2013




Death the end of the body has its necessity for evolution


Death the end of the body has its necessity


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