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Security problem of the world

Security problem of the world our experiences


Security problem of the world : my beloved brothers and my beloved sisters, once again I am with you and would like to talk about the problem I see in the world, many problems in your everyday life are only the reflection of many actions from selfishness, in this humanity one thinks more about himself than the other person, as if life was an experience in which to protect oneself, and go through the process by bringing security to the person who is living.


I know, security, the human limitation within the body, but what you are carrying wrapped up inside the human body does not belong to humanity, it’s a sweet heart that has eternal life, and has come on earth to experiment itself in its Love, and manifest itself as Love.


I understand life, but in each of its passages, expressing yourself is always an experience for that heart; during the first 15 years you gain experience of love from others, then life is taken into your own hands and you begin to experiment yourself in the world, you gain experience of others in the contact, adults that enter into contact with the heart, maturity approaches, and the experience of continuity begins, being a heart with another, experimenting yourself in the continuity of the contact, over the course of years the need to experiment with donating yourselves brings you to the choice of having a child, or perhaps donating yourselves to a community, or yet again donating to those in need; in full maturity, the passage through the experience of yourselves brings you into the possibility of your full expression, in the freedom of your contact, to face as a heart the events of the daily life you are living in, events, moments, every instant is your expression, expression of you as a heart; this maturity includes being an example for others through your actions, it implies consequences on to others of your every action, as you bring yourselves to the other person, you are giving life to new experiences for the other person, always, in every moment you are an experience with your Being for the other person; after these years, reflection brings you to look upon your own experience, this is what you have been, and in many moments, you, you being yourselves, has been your reality, a moment has been joy, a moment has been fullness, a moment has been full of meaning, that moments has been from the heart, the feeling that stirs inside the chest is sweet and gratifying, Love, you brought your own Love into your world, what fullness, what happiness, and while your own eyes observe others in their experience, now you feel ready to turn this maturity into the moment to live this Love that gives you happiness; years have come by, this is the suitcase of your own experience,, what you bring into the moment when you leave earth and, once in the Sky, you regain with your full experience of you as Love that has spent a moment of its eternity inside a body on earth, a body that has been a vehicle for the heart, inside a body that is there on earth, a body that has not been about possessing, but a possibility for you to Be.


And while you will be surrounded with Love, you will want to continue to express yourselves, and the journey of the heart to give full voice to itself is very long, but there is eternity, and the journey of discovery of Self Love continues.


With what security the heart that loves moves on, possessing things is not necessary for you, it’s the experience of your heart during its journey on earth, in your humanity, the experience of you as a heart is what has in itself the entire meaning, everything is in this experience.


I say goodbye with much Love


Your brother Jesus Christ


Security problem of the world our experiences Message 11th November 2013




Security problem of the world our experiences


Security problem of the world


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