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Love brings change

Love brings change you bring Love and you bring change


Love brings change : my beloved brothers and my beloved sisters, I am with you, my words are with you, from the heart, a warm and tender embrace for you, this is what claims my heart, I am for you; just like my ears are for you, in every moment of life I am for you; therefore let’s continue on together, me in my invisibility, your limbs and ours are touching and they bring Love by becoming one in the embrace with others; my heart tells you, with you is my hand with every gesture of Love, with you is my voice with every word of Love you say to your brothers, in every effort where you donate yourself, there is my own same effort to donate myself to you, everything that comes from your Love  has my own great Love with you.


Through the existence of Love you have met with difficulties, you have found a lot of suffering, behaviors full of violence, you have met with a lot of divisions, you met many words that produced the same outcome, over time you became discouraged. “Nothing will change anyway” is what I read from your heart, and if I am here dictating my words is exactly to tell you that Love brings change; every time you give your Love from the heart brings change with it, every time where you bring change from the heart, you are bringing Love, you are affirming Love, and this is change; you bring Love and you bring change; when, from your love all constricted by the pain brought about by so much suffering, you are carrying your Love, you are carrying change, this is the journey to allow yourself and others to slowly escape from suffering: Love brings change.


Feel your Love, feel your brother next to you, let’s go together, today once again I will be next to you, if you love, then my Love is with you, come on, our hearts are united, united in bringing Love, Love and change.


It’s an effort of our hearts to be united to give Love, today, tomorrow, always, and it will be a joy to participate to the change.


Come on, come on, my brother and my sister, nothing will stop us from bringing about our Love.


Come on brothers, let’s go to our brothers as a heart.


Your brother Jesus Christ


Love brings change you bring Love and you bring change is a Message from the Sky 19th November 2013




Love brings change you bring Love and you bring change


Love brings change


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