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Misfortune or destiny natural catastrophies

Misfortune or destiny natural catastrophies or are they caused


Misfortune or destiny natural catastrophies : precious and dear brothers and precious and dear sisters, today we are ravaged by the waves, by water, by landslides in the mountains, by events that disturb us as the explosion of the ground to events where fire threatens your homes, hurricanes and tornadoes, you start asking yourselves questions such as “could this event affecting us now have been prevented? just like with previous destructive events, are these events to be considered the norm? is there a repetitive pattern with destructive events? are there conditions that originate the manifestation of these destructive events? are these calamities determined by earth’s constant movement, or are they caused by mankind, as always?”


Whenever an event has a natural origin, it does not happen suddenly because natural events have a course of action, a trend, a movement, and even if it suddenly has a movement behind it, it has been preparing over time, the event which we have been witnessing throughout history, since forever.


Earth’s movement determines phenomena that, over time, determine natural disasters for your humanity, and are natural phenomena that answer to the necessities of the core, of earths mass.


Therefore we have a natural movement of earth that determines these natural manifestations, and then we have events that, while involving natural elements, have their origin from mankind’s actions upon natural phenomena.


Whenever there is talk about pollution it is due to human actions, whenever there is talk of abuse of natural resources, it is due to human action, so, so much pain is caused by humans when they do not respect the environment and other people’s lives, you have so many examples, almost on a daily basis, of the selfishness of many people, but now, brothers and sisters, the time has come to clean up after the events, it’s time to recapture your own humanity and help one another, now it’s the time for solidarity and being amongst yourselves, as always, with your eyes looking to the future, take ownership of events, of human actions, and correct what your brother’s selfishness has caused to many, countless hearts.


I am with you in the pain and in the hope, always sustaining next to you the great value that your life has, the life of the planet and of every single creature.


I embrace you in the pain and in the hope.


Your brother Jesus Christ


Misfortune or destiny natural catastrophies or are they caused Messages from the Sky 21st November 2013






Misfortune or destiny natural catastrophies or are they caused


Misfortune or destiny natural catastrophies


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