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Domestic violence against women

Domestic violence against women message from the Father of the Sky


Domestic violence against women : my dear, my beloved daughter, with you are my words full of Love, my words I am dictating now for you, words for you from the heart, Love comes to talk with your heart, an infinite Love is what I feel for you my beloved one, my Love, my Love that would like to surround you and wrap you with my sweet passion, of a Father, and take your hands and sweetly cover them in mine, how I would love to surround with my heart the heart of all of you, and fill instantly with affection those hearts seeking Love.


Many of you seek affection on earth and find Love that turns out not to be Love, they find Love that only appears to be Love, they find a sun that in reality is a storm, you find signs of Love that turn out to be violence, so many times right in front of you that face told you things, and then, tormenting you, raising his hands upon you, and then, feigning guilt, asked you to love him again, torment for you as you think that something you did could have been the cause, torment for you as you feel you are the reason for it, and your heart the responsible party, instead of the victim. To my eyes, you have done what was possible to allow Love, to allow harmony, to allow two adults to live in a relationship of Love, but over time the lack of change demonstrated to you that there was no such willingness, or effort, or responsibility, to give himself to you as Love would like to, and Love means to surrender yourself to the other person, it’s placing yourselves in second place, it’s helping the other person to grow, it’s endless interest for the wellbeing of the other person, how sweet are these images, images not known to you, this is the reality my beloved daughters, images to you not known, images that you can not build with your companions because there is no Love.


The time you still donate is time to start considering yourselves in your true value, the time to regain the respect for yourselves that you lost, and it’s time for you to seek Love elsewhere, Love from me for you, my daughters, Love of one of my sons that can make you happy.


For all of you is my Love, and it understands everything that happens on earth, you are hearts in evolution, and through your errors you ultimately reach evolution, and even loving one another is an aspect of that growth.


I love you from my heart


For you, your Father of the Sky


Domestic violence against women message from the Father of the Sky is the Message on 25th November 2013




Domestic violence against women message from the Father of the Sky


World Day against violence on women


Domestic violence against women


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