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The spirit of Christmas

The spirit of Christmas Putting Love in the world means


The spirit of Christmas : for you today is your Father, your Father of the Sky, greeting you and embracing you with sweet Love. I understand how, with your difficulties, today’s difficulties, the spirit of Christmas may not be so abundant in your hearts, in this moment there are worries and insecurities in front of your eyes for you and for your creatures, they reflect from their heart all but a small light, like that of a candle to my eyes, me as I have loved you, I have always loved you, seeing you with such weak light puts sadness into my heart, but fortunately you have my Love with you today, today and always, so cheer up, things change, and from the heart I expect a renewed approach of help for all those who are suffering, who are in pain, powerless in front of events.


Today with you, as we remember the descent of my child Jesus, I would like to remember the words that he left among you, so that they may be followed: The Father in the high Skies is unique and Father of everyone, a Father who suffers when at seeing one against another, a Father who suffers at seeing you being rivals, a Father who suffers at seeing you abusing one another, a Father who suffers at seeing life not being respected, a Father who suffers at seeing you indifferent, a Father who cries for every creature reduced to slavery or victim of violence or abuse. This Father who wants Love cries and suffers for these creatures of his, and my son said, one day they will be surrounded only by my Love, however, today on earth they have all your hearts, who could help them, give them aid, be an experience of Love for them.


This humanity, which has in it the flame of Love, only has to love, place itself in the shoes of the other person, and love.


This is the need for humanity: to love, and to fell helped by Love in times of need.


This is the great need of earth, remember it at all times, and may you be amongst yourselves with the word Love.


Even today, despite the many adversities, do put your Love to use, may you be yourselves, but make your Love the greatest expression of you.


With all of you my Love


Your Father



My dear children, how sweet is the heart of the Father, always willing to meet with you, always with responsibility to meet you and teach you, during your journey, just how important it is to put your Love into action toward the world, and yourselves.


Putting your Love into action in the world means taking upon yourselves every condition that generates pain, turbulence, unhappiness, and springing into action, united with others, to find a solution.


Loving yourselves means setting aside for yourselves some understanding, some listening, some Love even for your own errors, and the willingness to grow, to improve, to be in contact with this heart, the best part you have.


In this message I present you my wish for your upcoming Christmas, a sweet wish: may this Christmas be for you a moment where you can begin to be the choice of Love for you, a Love to give to yourselves and Love to give to your world.


I say goodbye with an embrace


The Virgin Mother Mary



My beloved brothers and my beloved sisters, what is self-doubt? It’s pain inside the heart. What are anguish and suffering? Pain inside the heart. What makes a brother or a sister cry? Pain inside the heart.


To Love is to feel the pain of a heart, it is to place that feeling inside yourselves, it is to feel your own heart taking charge of that suffering, it is to understand the reasons for the suffering, it is to be a welcome haven for the suffering that is being carried, it is to be a container of Love for a heart who is suffering. A container of Love you are the containers of Love, you are the heart who is suffering for that pain, Love, feel your Heart becoming available to help, willing to dry those tears, willing to give its thought to understand, to give all its heart to give back hope, an opportunity for solution, and then the movement that comes from Love itself and goes toward the crisis that needs to be solved. This is a project of Love which originates from the movement of the emotions being felt inside you, in the heart of all of you.


Being a unity, feeling a unity with the heart who is in pain, a sweet unity, is to be dignity for that suffering, it is to participate to that suffering, it is to empathize with that suffering, it is being at one with that suffering, it is being a movement of Love that brings out, towards the world, everything that it feels on the inside. This is the movement of Love, what is being felt, what you feel inside the heart that flows through your emotions, to then going to the outside, bringing what is being felt with it.


I leave you with my wish: May a serene Christmas be an occasion to share affection among you, and an attitude of understanding toward the many people who are living important problems, make your heart a container to be able to feel your brothers and sisters in the pain, and for you all this will be an experience of the Love that you carry inside you, and a project of Love for you.


Your brother Jesus Christ


United, we embrace you, Merry Christmas, Merry Christmas to everyone.


The spirit of Christmas Putting Love in the world means is a Message dictated by the Sky




The spirit of Christmas Putting Love in the world means


The spirit of Christmas


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