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The time of hope spread

The time of hope spread and you will collect around you


The time of hope spread


This festivity, this faith you express in the beginning of the new year, it is good for the heart, it erases the impression that nothing good can happen, it erases the thought of impossibility of change and improvement, it unites brothers, it takes them by the hand and rejoices together with them, and it erases distances, discovering a brother in a friend, in an acquaintance, and in someone he just met, it is experience of Love for the heart as it opens up and discovers around it the same emotion: it is called hope.


Today, tomorrow and again tomorrow, hope has this time frame: today and tomorrow; hope is not all of a sudden, but it’s the time of today as it looks toward tomorrow.


Precious brothers, precious sisters, the feeling inside your heart telling you that tomorrow is within today, what is inside tomorrow is inside today, everything that moves today will be the past of what will be tomorrow, if you want Love, spread Love every day, if you want peace, spread peace every day, spread harmony and you will reap harmony, spread being a brother and feeling among brothers is what you shall receive, spread justice and justice you will collect around you.


Today is important for you, you build, through Being you, you build your tomorrow, tomorrow which is the expression of the heart.


May this awareness accompany you every day as you live with others, in the Love for others, in peace, as a heart in contact with the heart of the other, helping your brothers in the acceptance, and your tomorrow will be oxygen for the heart.


A sweet wish for everyone, happy new year to all of you


Your brother Jesus Christ


The time of hope spread and you will collect around you Messages from Jesus 30th December 2013




The time of hope spread and you will collect around you


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